Why You Are Intuitive

You’ve always known you’re intuitive…deep down. You have experiences – quite a few, in fact – that aren’t easily explained in everyday terms. Perhaps you are in a people-oriented profession and find yourself sensing, even guessing things you couldn’t possibly know but turn out to be pretty accurate. It all seems like a mystery… and, yet, somehow familiar.

If you’ve got a body, you’ve got intuition – it’s a package deal. You use your intuitive abilities everyday for all sorts of things. However, without awareness of how they work – or how you want them to work – they can  become mysterious and seem odd. No one’s fault, of course. Our culture simply doesn’t acknowledge our intuitive abilities except in the most basic ways.

Intuition is an experience. It’s expressed through the body; understood through the body-mind. Of course,  your intuitive abilities continue to make themselves known. They sneak up on you in the guise of hunches and gut feelings. They seek you out with visions or sounds or extremely vivid dreams. Suddenly, and much to the astonishment of your BFF, you know in one clear moment it was she who ate the last chocolate in the box. You just know.

Intuition is a conversation between You and your Inner Wisdom or Soul Essence. Active and constant, it is your truth. You know yourself better than anyone even if it doesn’t seem like it at the moment. Once you understand how to interpret your intuitive signals, you begin to trust yourself, and when that happens you remember how normal all of this really is.

Developing your intuitive abilities is a matter of Awareness, Intention, and Practice. The way you experience your intuition is unique to you and that’s where we start. We explore your hunches and gut feelings, your visions and sudden knowing. Simple yet powerfully fun exercises are guides to help you become more confident in reading, translating, and communicating these inner signals.

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