A Little Something For You

I’ve discovered in recent years that a personal practice is as important to my life as chocolate… perhaps, more so. This is my daily foundation and I function well – intuitively and personally – because of its magic. It involves:

  • meditation
  • paradigm restructuring
  • intention setting

meditationThere are no rules about order, execution, or time (though I tend to meditate in the morning because otherwise my morning starts at noon). When I experiment with other elements, it must be in addition to these three elements – this core – never instead of. I’ve made this clear to myself.

However… sometimes I don’t do the core (gasp!). Sometimes, my brain thinks it can get away with just two… or (gads) ONE of the core. That’s like iced coffee without the ice… or donut, for that matter.

It’s not that I can’t take a day or two off now and then. Totally groovy with that. I’m talkin’ weeks of sneaking around behind the other two core elements’ backs and thinking I won’t get caught. Hah!

During the clandestine operation, I never associate my lack of sanity with my lack of practice. I just keep tootling along, oblivious to the “ping, ping, ping” of incoming emails touting the “10 Essential Elements for Elevated Excellence” or whatever my distraction-of-the-moment happens to be.

My re-awakening usually starts with the subtle recognition that my current actions feel wrongly comfy. Not as in “wow, this break feels good,” but “ruh-roh, why do I now know 11 ethical ways to prepare potatoes?”

A friend of mine – yoga teacher, par excellence – told me that you will know if your practice is working by how well your life is going…or, in this case, how clogged my inbox is.

So, if it’s that important, why do I think I can skip it?

The short answer is… I don’t. What happens is an unconscious, fear-based thought or habit gets triggered for some reason and rises to the surface as “8 New Methods for Avoiding Truth.”

Once it’s clear I’ve lost my donu…uh…way, I return to the basics of my personal practice and just start again. I used to get all worked up about it, but that’s why it’s called a “practice” and not a “perfect.” Plus, each time I fall and get up again I’m reminded of who I am and what it is I truly want.

I offer you this easy-to-use helpmate for your practice. It comes with instructions for use, mainly for keeping people OUT, but can also act as a GENTLE reminder to simply begin again when you stray.

May your practice fuel your life!

Click here to download the Super-Duper Personal Practice Tool now!

When you click the link, the PDF will open in a new tab where you can save it to your computer. Alternatively, you can right click the link above, select “Save link as…” and save it to a folder on your computer that way.