Student Team • Intuitive Readings

Taking Flight is the Level III Advanced Intuitive Reading course that supports students as they practice their evolving skills and bring them into the world. An Intuitive Reading is similar to other experiences you may have heard of, such as, psychic reading or energy reading.

Intuitive Readings are helpful in a number of scenarios, for example:

  • You are faced with an issue that’s been a challenge to understand by your usual means of discovery.
  • You’ve been wracking your brain for an answer much longer than you care to admit.
  • Everything is going well but you feel overwhelmed or out of sorts or even fearful.
  • You are having a difficult time making a decision and have tried all the tools you can think of.
  • You feel blocked or stuck and may or may not know why but can’t seem to change it.
Photo by Brandon Atchison

Photo by Brandon Atchison

When you don’t know the answer to your question, it means that the way you’re thinking about the issue is from a limited point of view. This is often a view that was adopted long ago based on a situation(s) very different from the present. When used repetitively, views (beliefs) tend to become unconscious to the waking brain because it is simply more efficient to have a set of beliefs (aka, system or program) running behind the scenes rather than relearn the same thing over and over.

So if you’re now in the present but mainly approaching your world through the lens of an old belief or system, that system may help you to a point but beyond that, well, … perhaps not so much.

The challenge is that when a belief system is largely unconscious (one might even use the word habit), it is very difficult to detect with the conscious mind. However, the intuitive mind has the capacity to understand those unconscious habits, to sense beyond the obvious,