Spot Light Session

You know those times when you feel stuck or unsure or uncomfortable
about something happening in your life?

And you’ve tried to figure it out yourself! You really really have!

You’ve even consulted your friends and friends of friends and associates of friends and the UPS gal and the berry guy at the Farmer’s Market and your neighbor’s dog (though, oddly, throwing that stick 87 times didn’t quite do it for you), but this THING.

This Annoying, Troubling, in-your-Face-elusive THING
keeps you from stepping forward
with grace and confidence and clarity…

and continues to throw yousideways2

And you Wish….You WISH you could just SHINE a GREAT BIG OL’ LIGHT
on that THING so you can move on already!!!

Enter [stage right]:

spot light drawing

spot light session titlean intuitive reading for quick clarity and practical action

  Here’s how I direct the light:

  • Staging – I intuitively look at the current atmosphere and dynamics of your issue – players, outside influences, and what’s hidden in the wings. This may include your soul guides because sometimes they like the limelight, you now.
  • Spot On – We focus on what you’re doing that’s currently working well and why (we don’t want the good stuff to end up on the cutting room floor if it’s adding value).
  • Spot Off – And we’ll find out what isn’t going so well and why (let’s s