Intuitive Guidance & Mentoring

An in-depth journey to expand your intuitive abilities.

This is a personalized program to enhance your intuitive skills
so that you can create the change you want to see in the world.


Areas of focus:

  • Expanding your ability to work with Soul Guides, to understand the experiences you’ve been having, or to simply work with them on a deeper and specific level.
  • Awakenings and other types of shifts happen many times in our lives and can turn even the best of us upside down. If the experiences you’re having now are difficult to explain, even (or especially) if you are a seasoned intuitive, it may be time for a more in depth look at your practice and goals.
  • Honing your intuitive reading skills and refining client interaction.
  • Approaching and designing a new area of intuitive study for eventual work with your clients/students.
  • Energetic boundaries that pertain to your work with clients or students.

Your Takeaways:

  • Energy and meditative practices that grow with you.
  • Practical exercises geared specifically for your goals and intuitive nature.
  • Insight into what has been keeping you stuck, how to recognize the pattern when it pops up again, and what to do about it.
  • Deeper trust in your intuitive abilities and overall journey.
  • More clarity in your work with your clients and students.
  • Sensing into your intuitive abilities as they truly are, not what you think they should be.
  • The opportunity to expand your skills beyond what you imagine and seeing what they could become.

Private Intuitive Mentoring Package Includes:

  • A program designed specifically for your unique, intuitive nature based on our consultation.
  • Four (4) 60-minute Intuitive Spot Light Sessions, scheduled bi-weekly or as determined by your personal program.
  • Two email exchanges between each session.
  • Each Intuitive Guidance & Mentoring session will include one or more of the following:
    • intuitive reading & coaching
    • on the spot energy direction and experiences
    • energy management instruction
    • creative intuitive assignments
    • life coaching
    • developing or enhancing your own practice

Cost:  $650 (USD)

If you have questions about taking this step, please contact me via this nifty form. I will respond within 48 hours, M – F:

Intuitive Arts Studio Terms and Understandings

Intuitive Arts Studio classes, chats, gatherings, consults, and Intuitive Guidance Sessions from myself or my students during a class (also called “Intuitive Readings”, “Energy Readings”) are not in any way to be construed as or a replacement for psychotherapy, legal counsel, medical direction, or financial guidance. I do not diagnose, predict, or guarantee outcomes. In every case, the client/student is responsible for their own decisions, actions, and results.

Instruction and guidance offered in all classes and sessions includes many situations where the client/student is meant to be in meditation with their eyes closed. It is strongly advised that the client/student does not drive or operate machinery while attending or listening to a recording of a class or Intuitive Guidance Session.

All contacts, information, and records are kept confidential unless otherwise required by law and are not shared with third parties. Intuitive Arts Studio is committed to an environment in which all individuals are treated with respect and dignity regardless of race, age, ancestry, religious belief, gender identity, sex, sexual orientation, or political belief. Discrimination is not tolerated. Intuitive Arts Studio reserves the right to remove any person from its groups, classes, and/or sessions who does not adhere to the above terms and understandings.

Attending any Intuitive Arts Studio class, chat, gathering, consult, or receiving intuitive guidance from an instructor, student teacher, or fellow student indicates you understand and agree with the information above. Thank you!

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