The Nature of Your Intuition

Learn the essentials of using your intuition for your work in the world.


You’re a coach, healer, or other leader and you want to make a real difference in the world.

You have experiences – quite a few, in fact – that aren’t easily explained in everyday terms. You’re not even sure what to call them… gut feelings? Hunches? A pretty good guess? … because they seem to be deeper than this somehow.  A bit of the mysterious and familiar all rolled into one.

Perhaps you know things you couldn’t possibly know, like when someone is about to contact you, or a dear friend needs help, or the market you frequent has chocolate covered raisins back in stock…finally.

Maybe you’ll get a fleeting image in your head about a work project that turns out to be spot on. You might hear words or sounds that help your client better relate to their circumstances. And for some reason you can feel what that client feels yet often mistake it for your own emotion or physical sensation…until they mention it.

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Then again, your intuition may already be fairly heightened and you sense other people’s emotions and physical sensations quicker than your cat can climb your best drapes. You often know things, see images, and hear sounds in relation to yourself or others. Sometimes the meanings of these “sudden hits” are clear; other times you have no idea or if they’re even true.

This happens frequently and can be overwhelming at times because there seems to be no off switch, no control. You may even wish these extra abilities would just go away already … life would be so much calmer. Yet somewhere in the back of your mind you wonder if this “stuff” you do might be useful somehow, even as new drapes are on order.

Yes, intuition can seem pretty mysterious.

It can be loud one moment, super-subtle the next. A bunch of random, sensory experiences that may or may not form a complete concept. Are they even normal, you wonder, and what is “normal” anyway…is there some sort of secret range?

For that matter, was it intuition that prompted you to buy the turtle-shaped mug last week? Could it have been an unconscious desire from your tween days? Some random person’s notion you picked up while crossing the street?

These are things you’d really like to know.

Because you had actually planned to branch into squirrel mugs about now.

This may not be your first go around at the Renaissance Faire.

Most likely, you’ve consulted at least one psychic, intuitive coach, healer, channeler, medium – or some combo, thereof – to help you understand your intuitive self. Perhaps they were the first one to tell you that, yes, you are indeed intuitive.

And since the world contains a veritable plethora of books, vlogs, classes, methods, techniques, et cetera, you also picked up a helpful thing or five along the way even if it was confusing at times (the bounty of oracle cards alone is enough to mesmerize even the savviest of seekers).

Yet even with all that research and all that practice, something inside still feels a bit unsettled. You secretly begin to wonder if it’s you.

But you know what? The reason why these books and methods and healers didn’t fully help you is NOT because something is wrong with you. Nor is it because you didn’t practice those techniques properly or release enough energy during the last full moon.

The real reason all that other information about the workings of your intuition didn’t help as much as you would have liked is because it’s not your information.

Intuition is a skill

You were born with it and knew how to use it until age three-ish. Alas, many cultures have this odd little practice of repressing the natural inclinations of humans. After a while, you simply forgot how to use it or that it was even there. But deep down, you know what your intuition is.

Still, it’s hard to trust something you don’t have much experience with, especially if you were taught to believe it was bad or that someone else had better knowledge than yours. But you also won’t trust someone else telling you your intuition is different than you remember, even if it’s a subconscious memory without much access to the surface. It’s as if someone tried to put your foot in the wrong sized shoe – even if it’s just slightly off, you’ll eventually feel that difference.

Photo by Karina lago on Unsplash

Photo by Karina lago on Unsplash


Bottom line: You don’t need someone telling you what your intuitive skills are or how to use them or what their interpretations mean. You already know.

What you actually need is a way to uncover your intuitive abilities and relearn their particular characteristics.

You need a method solid enough to give you a starting place but fluid enough that it encourages you to grow into your natural, intuitive rhythm.

And that’s exactly what this course is designed to do.


The Nature of Your Intuition is your guide to establishing a foundation that you build from your original, internal sources so that you can gain trust in your skills and discover how you’re meant to use your intuition in the world.

Participant Experience

“I have tried several times to learn how to ground and center my energy.
Beverly makes it so simple and easy to understand that I have made it a constant practice
in my everyday life. It makes a huge difference in my sense of wellbeing.”
Anne Marie Rowe

What if I’m making all this up?

It is quite normal to have doubts about your intuitive experiences because, if you’re like most of us, you grew up in a culture that demanded you ignore or deny them. Rarely were your intuitive abilities a nurtured part of your development so they faded to the background just like any other skill you haven’t used in a while.

At the moment, you just don’t recognize your intuition because you haven’t consciously used it enough.

But your intuition never goes away because it is an innate human ability and does lots of regular things like tell you if someone is lying or whether danger is afoot or to turn off the broccoli before it catches fire.

With a little attention and practice you will again become familiar with your intuitive nature and be able to develop it as far as you like.

Participant Experience

“Beverly is a master at supporting those who want to connect to and develop their intuition.
We are all intuitive. Some of us need a little help understanding it and using it (I did!).
I highly recommend working with Beverly or taking her classes!”
Katie McClain, SEP

The Course Focuses on 4 Key Areas 

  1. Intuitive Listening

Your intuition speaks to you in a subtle language unique to you. Just like a certain musical pitch can shatter a glass, the first step to accessing your intuitive gifts is attuning to the pitch or vibration where they reside. You will be guided to create your personal technique to help you access your own intuitive listening.

  1. Creativity & Intuition

Intuition is a main component of our creative process because it guides and connects possibilities so we can put them into action. Creativity is therefore not just about the arts, but used in everyday life to solve problems, such as cooking without those three ingredients you thought you had or inventing yet another way to get your kid to sleep. Simple, creative exercises enhance the activation of your intuitive nature.

  1. Intuition vs Everything Else

Your intuitive abilities are vastly different from your thoughts, emotions, and the outside world. Not fully understanding this point causes confusion and self-doubt. This area focuses on how to recognize these differences as well as the myths surrounding intuition so you can establish strong, vibrational boundaries.

  1. Interpreting Intuitive Responses

To hear what your intuition is saying requires gathering what you’ve learned about your unique process and putting it into one state of focus. You’ll start distinguishing between guessing and knowing the answers to your questions, gaining more clarity and certainty as you practice because you’ll feel how this is all ultimately coming from within you.

Participant Experience

Nicole Diaz headshot-sm
“This class was incredible!
It really opened my eyes to my natural intuitive gifts,
and I learned concrete practices for tuning into my
intuition that I use EVERY DAY.
These practices really have been transformative,
and I’m so thankful for them and for you!!”

Nicole M. Diaz, Life & Business Coach


Who Is This Class For?

This is the starting point for you to learn how to understand and use your intuition so you can make a real difference in the world.

This class is also for you if you:

  • know that you have intuitive abilities but don’t understand what they are or how to use them
  • want to use your gifts to their full potential
  • feel as if it takes a lot of effort to use your intuition
  • don’t know how to control or direct your abilities
  • want to understand how your intuition differs from your thoughts, beliefs, analytical skills, emotions, and wisdom
  • want to recognize when you’ve picked up on thoughts, emotions, or physical sensations that are not yours
  • are ready to experience your intuition more fully
  • are interested in giving your clients/students a more thorough experience or eventually using your abilities to work with others

Who is this class not for?

My classes aren’t for everyone. This one might not be a good fit for you if you:

  • don’t have time to devote 15 – 30 minutes a day to practice the exercises between classes
  • dislike any type of sitting meditation (there are no posture requirements, just sitting)
  • prefer a lecture-only series and would rather not experiment with various techniques
  • need to have proof intuition exists or are very fearful regarding your intuition
  • are looking for a class/process to provide personal healing

Using Your Intuition To Help Others

We are always using our intuition to help people because it is part of our human makeup. But if you’re interested in targeting your intuition to add depth and accuracy to your work, it is important to know the extent of your abilities.

Understanding how your skills work will help guide your direction.

Photo by Misky on Unsplash

Photo by Misky on Unsplash

Consciously adding your intuitive skills to your work will enhance and deepen the use of your modalities. It can take away much of the guesswork often associated with people-focused work and give you more certainty in how you approach each person based on their individual situation.

What I specifically teach is the nuanced and practical skills of Intuitive Reading (a.k.a., “remote viewing & sensing” or “psychic reading” – though some titles have a considerably more dramatic flair, they are one and the same). The methods I’ve developed increase your subtle awareness and ability to focus which prompt the recognition of your distinct, intuitive responses and how to handle them.

There is no limit for the use of these techniques – wherever your imagination takes you is where they can be applied. People have incorporated these skills into their work with clients and students in such professions as life coaching, counseling, medical professions, the arts, animals, and more. It simply depends upon what calls to you.

This class can be your starting point.


The process I’ve developed and teach in this class helps you learn how to focus your attention so you can connect with your intuitive skill set. With practice, you can activate and use your intuition in the manner most natural for you.

This adventure offers you specific tools that allow you to:

  • Learn how to easily access your intuitive awareness.
  • Become familiar with your unique set of intuitive skills so you so you can build on them.
  • Understand how directing your attention and energy will create a vibrational boundary making it easier to sort out which sensations are yours and which are not.
  • Learn simple, creative games to help you uncover and develop your intuition.
  • See how to apply these tools to your everyday life experiences.
  • Uncover the myths and inaccuracies surrounding intuition so that you can shift your awareness to what’s true for you.
  • Participate in a rich, interactive environment with others who have similar questions and experiences.
  • Acquire a starting foundation to do Remote Viewing and Sensing (a.k.a., intuitive or psychic readings; reading energy), Mediumship, Energy Healing, and a host of other possibilities.

Participant Experience

“This class helps you resurrect, trust, and USE your intuition in practical ways every day,
in all areas of your life…This class is awesome, and exactly what I needed to
trust my gifts again – and know they are useful and real, not just a fluke.
And that last minute sign up for this class?  …yup – intuition that I can now call upon
when I need it, rather than just hoping I get that good old gut feel.”
Deb Droz, Life Coach

Why Now?

We humans have been through many global awakenings, each with their own dance of enlightenment. The theme of this particular adventure is to reengage with our inner guidance and unique sense of expression so that we may take authentic, creative action in a world that is ready for big change.

Your intuition is both guide and pathway. It bridges your inner knowing and uniqueness with your expression and authentic action.

You are the transformation you seek in the world; your intuition is your trusty friend with the flashlight.This class gives you the foundation to build a relationship with your intuition as well as a platform from which to learn additional intuitive skills, such as, intuitive coaching and healing, direct energy readings, mediumship, and many others.

As Your Guide and Mentor

I’ve been intuitively sensitive since birth, but it wasn’t until my young adult years – well after I’d unconsciously shut down my ability to translate and interpret my sensory experiences – that I realized not everyone could feel someone’s sneeze shoot through their own body. This stunning bit of news left me in quite a tizzy and, shall we say, deeply wanting.

Beverly Belling

Since then, I’ve spent my life dedicated to the exploration of and teaching others how to reconnect with their intuitive nature so they can make a real difference in the world.

Intuitive Guide and Mentor

In 2013, I founded Intuitive Arts Studio to teach coaches, healers, and many types of leaders to recognize that their intuition is an innate skill and learn how to use it to make a difference in the world. During that time and reaching back even farther, I’ve developed and implemented over a hundred workshops and classes to open up people’s intuition through meditative creativity, learn how to read their own energy as well as develop the skills to read others’, work with their soul guides, and explore all manner of aspects of their intuition.

My Soul Guides

Communicating with Soul Guides is an essential aspect of my intuitive work. They provide a welcomed “vibrational balcony view” to equalize the frequencies from unconscious thoughts and beliefs that can come from a purely human focus. My particular pack of Guides have helped me create, develop, implement, and refine the many courses and sessions I’ve offered over the years. Likewise, my interactions with Soul Guides that arrive with students and clients have always been collaborative and insightful as they offer quite a fresh perspective.

Veteran Intuitive and Master Coach

In 1987, I began intensive training at and received certifications through both the Berkeley and Carlsbad Psychic Institutes for Psychic Reading, Clairvoyant Teaching, Spiritual Guidance & Leadership.  Since then I’ve worked with over a thousand clients, connecting with their soul selves and energy signatures to see what they often can’t and offer an overall understanding of what is currently happening in their lives.

I soon learned that belief systems and creativity have a significant impact on human behavior, and I wanted to be able to help clients move further along in realizing their true soul journey. In 2009, I trained and became certified as a Life Coach and Master Life Coach through Martha Beck, Inc. And in 2011, I obtained certifications as a Kaisen Muse Creativity Coach and Modern-Day-Muse Group Facilitator.

Understanding the interplay between energy, belief systems and creativity has enhanced my ability to help students reconnect with their intuitive natures and to help them use those abilities to make a real difference in the world.


Participant Experience   

 “Beverly is a fantastic teacher with an incredible depth of knowledge
and an unbelievable willingness to share. She also holds a safe place
with a great deal of compassion to learn and practice your developing skills.

The best experience from this class is a reopening of the
door of connectedness which is incredibly magical!”

Monica Witt, Artist & Writer


What’s Included?

Interactive Classes

  • Four (4) Weekly Live Classes that run about 100 minutes each.
  • Next course begins Winter 2022.
  • Class recordings available for download 24 hours after class.
  • Sessions are held on Zoom Conferencing Service:
    • video will not be used – it detracts from the sensitive nature of the material.
    • plus, your eyes will often be closed so not much to look at there.

Supporting Materials

  • A Welcome Packet filled with intuitive curiosities to help you acclimate.
  • Weekly handouts to guide your experiences during class time.
  • Weekly exercises and information to provide support as well as promote personal discovery in between classes.

Deep Focus

  • Each class is highly experiential with a balance of guided practices, teaching, and discussion.
  • Ample time for questions and exploration.
  • Personalized attention to help you create intuitive practices that resonate with you.
  • A private Facebook Group is our place for questions, answers, support, and sharing between sessions.

Bonus – Invitation to Our Community

  • After completing the class, you will have the option to join my private Intuitive Arts Studio Community.
  • The Community is designed to support your continued intuitive growth as you bring your intuitive skills into the world and offers an opportunity to join others committed to understanding, growing and using their intuitive abilities.


Are you ready to learn the essentials of using your intuition for your work in the world?

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