Level I – Learning The ARTS

Establish & Develop Your Emerging Intuitive Reading Skills

This course teaches the art of Intuitive Reading so that you can discover your initial ARTS style and freely use your intuitive gifts.

When curious things begin to happen that seem beyond your usual experiences, it means your intuitive skills have begun to expand. Something like “suddenly knowing” that the person who wrecked the espresso machine would be perfect as head baker even though they’ve never baked anything for you.

At this point, your intuition has ventured beyond conjuring up parking spaces and moved into the area of “Intuitive Reading” because you are accessing more complex information.

The same could be said for having a strong desire to move your skills beyond knowing who’s texting before they send that coffee gif. You sense there is more going on in this intuitive world and feel a pull to know how to perceive that information.

In Level I, you get to do a deep dive reactivation of your intuition so you can learn how to connect with it when needed – just like any other skill you have. Because that’s the way it’s meant to be used … on demand.

Step-by-step you’ll learn the art of receiving and relaying information for yourself and your clients that is not only accurate but meaningful and practical. We venture into a variety of concepts, tools, and reading refinements designed to further develop your skills because the practical application of each lesson is key to achieving success and alleviating doubt.

Like any pastry chef, you’ll get messy with your skills so you can discover that what may appear to be a mistake is actually an intuitive ability guiding you elsewhere. When you get the jitters about doing it right or wrong or weirdly (which everyone does at some point), I gently guide you through the tough spots so you can eventually handle them on your own.