ARTS Intuitive Reading Program

You are a Coach, Healer, or Leader who wants to learn how to


use your intuition so that you can make a real difference in the world.


By now you’ve realized your intuitive skills are much less of a mystery. You can access your inner knowing with more clarity. You can receive answers to some of your personal queries. You’re listening a bit more to those nudges you used to brush off as random gnats.

And that’s rather exciting! Because not only do you see that intuition can be more active in your life, but now you’re curious about how it can help you navigate the bigger picture.

Overall, what you truly desire is a deeper understanding of what your people are dealing with and how your intuition can play a part in finding meaningful solutions.

This is exactly why I created the ARTS Intuitive Reading ™ Program – to help coaches, healers, and leaders learn how to access and use their unique intuitive nature to make a real difference in the world.

Intuitive Reading is a skill that can help you navigate a variety of situations.

For example:

  • knowing what direction to go with a client rather than guessing
  • matching a team member to a sensitive project rather than the nail-biting hope of it being a good fit
  • recognizing when or if to impart an intuitive message during a healing session

These can be quite simple to resolve through intuitive reading because you can move quickly to the heart of the matter.

What, Exactly, Is Intuitive Reading?

This art has had many names across the ages: clairvoyance, remote viewing, extrasensory perception, psychic or energy reading, divination

photo by Daniel Burka on Unsplash

photo by Daniel Burka on Unsplash

… these are merely a sampling. But while each method offers a unique approach, there are some basic similarities.

The gist is that the practitioner uses their intuition in a manner that is outside the usual parameters of time, space, and physicality to intentionally perceive information they do not already know and that has been resistant to usual sleuthing activities. This brings to light what has been buried in a client’s subconscious, allowing them to make conscious shifts in their life.

The theory of how this works is that everything is made of energy and each thing – animal, mineral, vegetable – has its own energy signature, i.e., a combination of vibrational frequencies.

We have the ability to direct our intuition toward the vibration of the information we seek – much like tuning a radio to a specific station. I call it “intuitive reading” simply because it describes the skill we use to accomplish the task.

Not too fancy, perhaps, but it’s direct.

Why Intuitive Reading?

The ARTS Intuitive Reading ™ Program lets you take the guesswork out of assessing a client, group, or project – whether this is a new or ongoing situation.

It shortens the time spent in discovery mode because you no longer find it necessary to continually revisit a client’s story to search for hidden clues. Nor will you need to try a myriad of approaches to determine what assists the client in achieving their goals. That’s a lot less spaghetti thrown at the wall!

When using your intuitive reading skill, you immediately see what’s causing disruption.

Because you are intentionally using your abilities to sense beyond the obvious, you easily gain insight into possibilities and solutions that are already aligned with the client … directions you otherwise couldn’t have known. Progress is based on the client’s pace rather than a standard format and is faster, cleaner, and less cumbersome than non-intuitive methods.

Another key focus within the ARTS Intuitive Reading ™ Program is that its innovative method allows you to sense your clients at their soul level. Seeing someone for who they are rather than who they think they are or should be is simply magical.

And when a client is truly seen, when they know their coach or healer or leader understands who they are their core, they’re more inclined to trust the process. The client then begins to develop trust in themselves which is, of course, the ultimate goal.

Participant Experience

“Funny enough intuition led me to this program in the first place. I was growing to realize that
perhaps, OK, maybe I do have something called “intuition” but I wasn’t really sure what that was
or even meant.  Things sometimes seemed to pop in during client sessions, randomly, or I’d somehow
know things about people but wasn’t sure how I knew that. I was looking for a way to understand
what this was all about, see if I could get better at it, and maybe use it to help my work with clients.
Beverly’s work is highly recommended in my coaching community, and I felt a pull to reach out.

Diane D“When I started the program, I wasn’t really sure how I could learn to use something that no one seemed
able to see or explain, that everyone experiences differently, and that I really couldn’t even wrap my mind around.
How would that be possible? Well, I still don’t quite know how Beverly does it, but that’s exactly what happened. 

“Working with Beverly is like walking through a vast, beautiful yet unknown forest with a gentle, knowledgeable
(and funny!) guide. She sees your true nature and your gifts and offers you just what you need to help you joyfully
discover them on your own. In this program, I learned specific techniques to read other people, relationships,
groups, issues, and other situations that have been incredibly helpful for my work with clients. Throughout the program,
I was able to practice, play with, and eventually adopt the techniques that I most enjoy and that best match
my own intuitive style. In addition, this program helped me believe the things I sensed really were real. I wasn’t just
“making things up” or “imagining things.” As I learned, my confidence in my own intuitive abilities
grew exponentially. I now bring intuitive reading into all aspects of my business where I help my clients (and myself)
see their true selves, arrive at powerful insights, and more quickly shift to bring about the change they desire.
This program has been everything to me – I can’t recommend it highly enough!”

– Diane Roberson Douiyssi, Intuitive Business and Marketing Guide, Inner Wisdom Wayfinding 


Who Is This Program For?

This program is for coaches, healers, and other leaders who want to learn how to use their intuition so they can make a real difference in the world.

Prerequisite: The ARTS Intuitive Reading ™ Program is for intuitives who have taken The Nature of Your Intuition (formerly known as “Intuitive Prep”) through the Intuitive Arts Studio or who have worked with me privately. If you are unclear about this, please contact me.

This program is also for you if you are a:

Coach who wants to:

  • gain a quicker and more accurate assessment of your client than what is available through guessing, analyzing, or surmising from a client’s story.
  • offer targeted coaching based on a more accurate understanding of your client’s situation.
  • sense into your client ahead of time to be better prepared for your session.
  • bring awareness to your personal experiences that may be triggered by the similar experiences of your client.

Healer who wants to:

  • clearly sense and translate body issues, energetic blocks, and other aspects of how a client’s belief system could be affecting their body or other life experiences.
  • be aware of how/where to focus when receiving messages from clients and guides during a session.
  • easily attune to the varied energetic responses that arise between your healing work and your client’s soul/body reactions to know what adjustments may be needed.
  • expand your abilities and allow your natural intuition to guide the session rather than following someone else’s format.

Leader who wants to:

  • see who your volunteers and employees really are, allowing you to leverage their skills wisely and create teams that are more efficient and effective.
  • understand the energy or atmosphere of a group to view hidden challenges in a project, team, or individual.
  • know the vibrational trajectory of project to assist with timing, volume, location, etc.
  • recognize how a team member’s differences can work to the advantage of the whole, enhancing your vision and mission.

Who Is This Program Not Recommended For?

Like a good pair of shoes, an adventure must fit well in style and wearability. This one might not work for you if you:

  • are unable to practice between classes (time commitments are different for each level, please view the individual pages for more information).
  • need to have proof that intuitive reading is real or are very fearful about what intuitive reading might reveal.
  • prefer a lecture-only series or one that is pre-recorded.
  • would rather not experiment with various techniques to enhance your personal abilities.
  • dislike any type of sitting meditation (no posture requirements, just sitting).
  • are looking for a course and process that focuses solely on personal healing.

The Transformation You Want to Create

If you are interested in targeting your intuition to add depth and accuracy to your work, it is important to know the extent of your abilities. Understanding how to use your intuitive reading skills will help guide your overall direction as well as enhance and deepen the use of your modalities. It can take away much of the guesswork often associated with people-focused activities and give you more certainty in how you approach each person based on their individual situation. The methods I’ve developed increase your subtle awareness and ability to focus, prompting the recognition of your distinct, intuitive responses and how to handle them.

photo by Jeremy Yap on Unsplash

photo by Jeremy Yap on Unsplash

There is no limit for the use of these techniques – wherever your imagination takes you is where they can be applied. People have incorporated these skills into their work with clients and students in such professions as life coaching, business development, therapeutic professions, the arts, animal rescue/communication, and more. It simply depends upon where your intuition guides you to go.

Participant Experience

“A big thanks to you, Beverly, for all of your wonderful guidance with this intuitive work …
gently drawing it out of me until I could trust it and myself fully. Now that I’ve begun to share
and use it, I’m getting some great feedback about how it is really helping people heal.”

– Amy Williams, Relationship Coach

What If I Just Can’t Do It?

No one does not have the ability to read intuitively. Instead, it’s often been buried under years of suppression from thoughts and beliefs based on the acceptable norms of the society/culture you grew up in.

Intuition is an inherent skill in all creatures, including humans.

However, humans have learned to use their analytical skill nearly to the exclusion of all others. What people don’t realize is just how much intuition is still used in an everyday manner. For example, “just deciding” to take a different route to work and finding you avoided a traffic bottleneck, “knowing” when the vegetables are steamed even if you’re in another room, “suspecting” your kid is not telling the whole truth about where they were that day. Believe it or not, these are the building blocks of intuitive reading.

although there are similarities, each person has a unique set of intuitive skills that only begin to show up when they feel safe enough to develop and practice them. This is what we do here in this program – create a safe place for you to get to know your abilities so that you can use them with confidence … and even joy.

Participant Experience

“I’ve been a computer programmer for 40+ years. I had no background whatsoever in intuitive reading.
By week four of Beverly’s course, I had a remote viewing experience. In the following weeks, I was coming
up with things in life coaching sessions that I could not possibly have known. My mind is blown!”

– Dale Johnson, Life Coach

The ARTS Intuitive Reading ™ Program Overview

In The Nature of Your Intuition, you learned how to access your intuitive essence, gained an initial understanding of how your intuition speaks to you, and discovered what is and is not intuition. In the ARTS Intuitive Reading ™ Program, you will focus on the following key areas:

Level I – Learning The ARTS

Your intuitive gifts come further into the light as you call them into action.

In Level I, you become familiar with how intuitive reading works – a practical, simple, and powerful method. You practice reading yourself first to gain a foothold in the technique and flow of a reading. The next phase has you applying the method to intuitively reading your classmates through a guided, step-by-step process.

This course is specifically designed to help you create a strong foundation for the next level. As you develop at your own pace, you learn to trust your gifts and realize their profound potential to impact your work in the world.

Please click through to this page for more information about Level I – Learning The ARTS.

Level II – In The Studio

This is where your intuitive abilities become talents.

Level II offers you the means to actively build your intuitive skills by reading new clients each week, both in class and on your own. This process helps you learn to handle a variety of situations as well as become much more intentional with your intuitive abilities.

With clear and personalized guidance, your trust in your intuitive reading ability becomes second nature as you develop a strong vision for how your skills can help you make a real difference in the world.

Please click through to this page for more information about Level II – In The Studio.

Seeing or Sensing “Bad” Things

Sometimes people are concerned that they may sense into an unfavorable situation when intuitively reading a client. It’s awkward to anticipate, right? Do you run across the street to let someone know you just sensed that their job is being secretly pulled out from under them by their evil manager and his dog Ralph?

photo by Jay Short on Unsplash

photo by Jay Short on Unsplash

Short Answer: probably not.

The truth is that we are always using our intuitive senses whether or not we are consciously aware of them. During this program, not only do you become privy to your intuitive skills but you learn when or if to share what you discover … because this when/if knowledge is within you, as well. You do not have responsibility over another person’s journey simply because you sense into their lives. Often, such information is mainly for you to understand the larger picture of the client’s situation – when that client is ready, they will speak it themselves.

And a quick note: Extremely accurate future telling is a very rare gift. Most people do not have this ability and if they do, it’s their analytical mind making connections that may or may not be there. That said, if you do have this gift, it can be developed into something useful rather than fearful.

As Your Guide and Mentor

I’ve spent my life dedicated to the exploration of how we can reconnect with our intuitive nature in order to make a real difference in the world.

Beverly BellingVeteran Intuitive & Master Coach

In 1987, I began intensive training at and received certifications through the Berkeley and Carlsbad Psychic Institutes for Psychic Reading, Clairvoyant Teaching, Spiritual Guidance, and Leadership. I’ve worked with thousands of clients since then, communicating with their soul selves and attuning to their energy signatures to see what is impacting their lives.

I soon learned that how we think and create has a significant influence on human behavior and wanted to help clients move further along in realizing their true soul journey. In 2009, I trained and became certified as a Life Coach and Master Life coach through Martha Beck, Inc.

Intuitive Guide & Mentor

I founded the Intuitive Arts Studio in 2013 to teach coaches, healers, and a variety of leaders to recognize that their intuition is an innate skill and that they could learn how to use it to make a difference in the world. During that time, and reaching back even further, I developed and implemented hundreds of workshops and classes to open people’s intuition through meditative creativity, learning to intuitively read themselves and others, working with their soul guides, and exploring the many aspects of their intuition.

My Soul Guides

photo by Elena Koycheva on Unsplash

photo by Elena Koycheva on Unsplash


Communicating with soul guides is an essential aspect of my intuitive work. They provide a welcomed “vibrational balcony view” to equalize the frequencies from unconscious thoughts and beliefs that can come from a purely human focus.

My particular pack has helped me create, develop, implement, and refine the many courses and sessions I’ve offered over the years. Likewise, my interactions with guides arriving with students and clients have always been collaborative and insightful as they offer fresh perspectives and guidance.



Participant Experience

“Thanks for all your insight and help with this and for creating such a safe space for us to
learn and explore. 
I don’t think I’d be doing this if it weren’t for you and our amazing group.
I’m feeling so grateful ”

– Susan Dahl-Robertson, Life Coach 

Are you ready to learn how to use your intuition so that you can make a difference in the world?

If you have questions or would like to be added to the Interest List for either Level I – Learning The ARTS or Level II – In The Studio, please use this form to contact me. I will respond within 48 hours, Monday – Friday, coffee in hand: