Intuitive Reading Program

Learn the Art of Intuitively Reading Energy Signatures!

This program is specifically designed to progressively take you from a basic reading method
to advanced techniques while developing your unique reading style.

Please see the individual class pages for more information.
If you’d like to discuss any aspect of the program with me, do connect with me via this MAGIC SLIDE.

(Prerequisite – Intuit Yourself)

Level ISo, You Want to Read an Aura…

  • Basic Reading Method & Format
  • Understanding Metaphors & Symbols
  • How to Unblock Yourself while Reading

Level IIGazing Beyond the Aura

  • In-Depth Study of Energy Centers & Systems
  • Specialty Readings
  • Advanced Tools

Level IIITaking Flight

  • Instructor-Guided Team Readings
  • Advanced, Personalized  Techniques
  • Integrating Techniques into your Current or Developing Practice