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Beverly BellingI’ve been intuitively sensitive since birth.

Not that I knew that was a thing, exactly, because no one ever talked about it. I just figured all people felt the vibrations of every single thing in the world within their body. Colors, words, objects, people, emotional/physical states – all sported a particular felt-sensation … even the sidewalk had its own vibe.

It wasn’t until my young adult years – well after I’d unconsciously shut down my ability to translate and interpret my sensory experiences – that I realized not everyone could feel someone’s sneeze shoot through their own body. This stunning bit of news left me in quite a tizzy and, shall we say, deeply wanting.

Since then, I’ve spent my life dedicated to the exploration of and teaching others how to reconnect with their intuitive nature so they can make a real difference in the world.

Veteran Intuitive

In 1987, I began intensive training at and received certifications through both the Berkeley and Carlsbad Psychic Institutes for Psychic Reading, Clairvoyant Teaching, Spiritual Guidance & Leadership. This was a natural step from previous years of religious, spiritual, and meditative experiences where I developed a rich understanding of the more subtle aspects of our world through Transcendental Meditation, Tai Chi, Yoga, and Shamanic Journeying.

Since then I’ve worked with over a thousand clients, helping them see where their energy is stuck, where it is flowing well and how both of those aspects are manifesting in their world. In connecting with my clients’ soul selves and energy signatures, I am able to see what they often can’t and offer an overall understanding of what is currently happening in their lives.

Intuitive Guide and Mentor

In 2013, I founded Intuitive Arts Studio to teach coaches, healers, and many types of leaders to recognize that their intuition is an innate skill and learn how to use it to make a difference in the world. During that time and reaching back even farther, I’ve developed and implemented over a hundred workshops and classes to open up people’s intuition through meditative creativity, learn how to read their own energy as well as develop the skills to read others’, work with their soul guides, and explore all manner of aspects of their intuition.

In my work with clients, it became clear that not only did we humans seem to ignore intuition’s existence, but many myths and inaccuracies surrounded even the idea of intuition. My high level of natural skepticism has helped me ferret out truth from imagination, guess work from wishful thinking. And this is a foundational part of what I share with my students.

My Soul Guides

Communicating with Soul Guides is an essential aspect of my intuitive work. They provide a welcomed “vibrational balcony view” to equalize the frequencies from unconscious thoughts and beliefs that can come from a purely human focus. My particular pack of Guides have helped me create, develop, implement, and refine the many courses and sessions I’ve offered over the years. Likewise, my interactions with Soul Guides that arrive with students and clients have always been collaborative and insightful as they offer quite a fresh perspective.

I’ve also worked extensively with Soul Guides through trainings, personal encounters, and acutely studying the experiences of my students and clients.

Master Coach

Belief systems and creativity have a significant impact on human behavior, and I wanted to be able to help clients move further along in realizing their true soul journey.

master-smIn 2009, I trained and became certified as a Life Coach
and Master Life Coach through Martha Beck, Inc.

And in 2011, I obtained certifications as a Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coach
and Modern-Day-Muse Group Facilitator.

Understanding the interplay between intuition, belief systems, and creativity has enhanced my ability to help students reconnect with their intuitive natures and to help them use those abilities to make a real difference in the world.

Other snippets about me…

  • I was the kid at sleep-away mountain camp that you’d find in the craft lodge all day. I remain a serial doodler and am presently messing around with watercolor.
  • As a teen, I traveled the United States performing with the Young Americans. We’d set up, tear down, and perform the show in one night – a daily occurrence, traveling by bus. We were a tough, courageous bunch.
  • I’m a classical pianist at heart, but also love jazz and will dance to anything, especially salsa and tango.
  • Southern California is a delightful cacophony of adventure – something for everyone here. Cycling routes for the husband, University for the son, endless coffee houses for moí!
Photo by B Belling

Photo by B Belling

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