Level I – Intuitive Reading Part 2

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 Use Your Unique Abilities to Intuitively Read Your Clients


* Limited to 10 Participants Given the Highly Personalized Nature of Instruction *

PrerequisiteLevel I – Intuitive Reading Part 1

 People come to you because they are looking for perspective about their life.

They want assistance in releasing their blocks,
uncovering their desires,
moving forward.

These folks are ready to be seen, heard.

And this is one of the many things that calls you to this action…
Communication at its purest.

Because not only do you love helping people achieve their desires,
You want to see and hear them clearly so they can eventually see and hear themselves.

It’s an inner knowing you have.
An Intuitive knowing.

In fact, ever since you’ve learned to read energy for yourself you can feel the intuitive messages bubble up as you work with your clients … and maybe this even started happening before you ventured into Level I.

You recognize how valuable, how truthful, and how quickly an intuitive message provides clarity for you and wonder how that can work for your clients.

But although you can use your Intuitive Reading skill for yourself,
It’s quite another matter to use it for someone else.


• How do you know that what you’re sensing is actually about your client and not you…or someone else?

• Do you know when you’ve connected with your client on a Soul-to-Soul level so you truly know what they need on an intuitive level?

• Can you tell the difference between intuitive guidance, coaching, and giving advice?

• Are you able to trust your intuitive skills to be available when you need them or does it feel somewhat random?

• What if something weird happens…then what?

“Intuitive Guidance in Action” teaches you how to directly apply the concepts and principles of the Basic Energy Reading Method to your clients. We take it step-by-step to ensure you understand when you are and are not resonating with your client’s journey. This enables you to receive and relay information to your client that is not only accurate but meaningful.

This course teaches you to activate your intuitive skills when you need them, dispels myths and fears associated with reading energy, and offers you a life-long methodology that can be modified over time to fit your individual needs.

Just a few of the areas we venture into:

• Understanding a Client’s Soul Journey
• Energy Systems
• Relationships
• Timelines (Past/Present/Future)
• Energy Reading v Fortune Telling
• Group Dynamics
• Reading the Body & Energy Fields
• Designing Your Own Reading Format

Students will be taught a variety of energy tools and reading refinements designed to further develop their reading skills
as well as enhance their personal growth. Instructor-guided practice labs create an informative and effective place for students to explore their unique and emerging Intuitive Reading Talents. Often, additional abilities which have been dormant will begin to appear during these classes. We pay attention to each skill as it presents itself and integrate the accompanying gifts.

The practical application of each lesson is key in achieving success and alleviating doubt. No amount of talking about something will be as useful as actually doing it, so practice also takes place outside class in small groups assigned by the instructor. Additionally, the included private sessions can help the student gain clarity on their skill at a more personal and direct level.

Students come away with a stronger understanding of their unique intuitive skills, increased awareness of their natural intuitive process, and an overall boost in their ability to read energy. They will understand how to maintain their personal direction and learn why their intuitive abilities are an essential part of providing a unique and valuable experience for their clients.

And one more thing … no question is ever too weird or simple or complicated to ask. All are welcomed!!

Course Details:

Prerequisite  –  “Level I – Intuitive Reading Part 1″

You are eligible for Level II if you have taken either of these Level I courses, whether it was in a class or private setting.


  • 12 Weeks
  • (Date/Time TBD)
  • Class length: 100 minutes (approximately)
  • 9 Content Classes plus 3 Practice Classes interspersed for learning energy-reading tools
  • Weekly Home Experiments (times vary per individual):
    • Method Practice with a partner: 60 minutes
    • Individual Technique Practice: 15-20 minutes, most days
  • Limited to 10 participants – this is a highly personalized learning environment.


  • Ample practice, discussion, and Q & A time so you come away with a solid experience.
  • Fun, downloadable handouts for clarification, guidance, and notes.
  • Safe, gentle, fun, and confidential environment.
  • In-class reading/coaching by instructor as is directly related to lessons and practice.
  • Instructor-assigned Reading Pals for Intuitive Energy Reading practice outside of class.
  • Private Facebook Group Forum for questions, answers, support, sharing, and all those wild stories.
  • Calls are conducted via Zoom Video Conference service. You may call in by phone or computer (note, video is not required and will be used sparingly as it is often too distracting for this type of sensitive work).
  • All classes are live and recorded.

Additional Support Included:

  • Two Private Intuitive Mentoring Sessions with Instructor:
    • Mid-Course Session (30 minutes) – energy-reading check-in & questions.
    • End-Course Session (30-minute) – reading skill/course assessment, questions, & next steps.
  • Private Support as needed via email (office hours – M-Th, 10:00 am – 3:30 pm Pacific Time).

Cost and Scheduling:

• Information soon to arrive, please stay tuned.

Payment plans are available at no extra charge. Please inquire through this HIGHLY USEFUL LINK. You may also use this link for any questions you have.

  • Refund Policy
    Refunds are granted up to five days before the course begins. You will be refunded what you have paid less a 15% service fee.

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