Level I – Intuitive Reading Part 1

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Learn the Art of Intuitive Translation


By now you’ve realized your intuition is not quite the mystery it used to be.

You know how to find your vibrational center and engage your energetic boundaries. Your personal intuitive practice continues to evolve. You’re listening a bit more to the nudges you used to brush off as “not real” and find they can bring you clarity as well as interesting, if not, delightful surprises.

Basically, you’ve developed an initial understanding of how your personal intuition is present in your life.

Very cool, indeed!

So, what happens next?

Photo by Peter F on Unsplash

Photo by Peter F on Unsplash

Well. Imagine if instead of receiving just one or two intuitive messages at random times, you received a bunch? In fact, what if you could actually seek those intuitive beauties out, gather and string together a pile of ‘em, and let in a whole picture of what’s happening in your world?

Consider the insights…the possibilities…

This is called “Reading Energy” – a term that describes the ability to focus your attention toward specific information in its pure, vibrational form and then translate that vibrational info into something meaningful for yourself or others.

Reading Energy is a fairly quick way to reveal underlying blocks that make a problem tough to solve. When trained to tune into an issue’s vibrational essence, not only can you access its vibrational threads to reveal hidden pockets of unwanted influences, but the solutions are also there.

Recognizing your intuitive messages will shift how you view your world.

Why learn to Read Energy?

Believe it or not, you are already reading energy. Yup! Your intuition is a normal part of the human skillset.

It is an aspect of your instinctual nature – you know, the part of your brain that likes to keep you alive – and it facilitates communication between your physical and soul selves.

It’s how you know someone is behind you when you venture into a dark alley (an automatic response). And it’s how you access other realms of consciousness when you are meditating (self-directed action).

When you learn to read energy, you learn to focus your attention into the specific vibration of what you’re wanting information about (think: human search engine). For most of us, “Intuition 101” was not an option during our school years so we never learned how to do this. But this skill is not gone and you can reactivate it to regain your ability to answer these types of questions:

  • What is the true meaning of this intuitive signal and have I received the entire message?
  • Is the energy I’m sensing my own or does it belong to someone else?
  • What is keeping me from reaching my goals?
  • I feel overwhelmed by my abilities – how do I harness their powers?
  • Why aren’t my intuitive skills consistent?
  • How do I know if it’s an actual message, something I’ve surmised, or my elbow just has an itch?
  • I’m feeling some pretty strong emotions – are they entirely mine?
  • How do I understand the nuances of my energy shifts?
  • What is causing my fear about my intuitive abilities?
  • Is the direction I’m taking with this issue accurate? How do I know?

When the desire pops up to further understand your intuitive nature, it means this innate side of yourself is making itself known. This course is an intensive, experiential study of your intuitive abilities in a “learn-by-doing” atmosphere. The key is to know how your unique-to-you skills show up when you become energetically focused so you can receive your intuitive messages.

Rest assured we will discuss the concepts presented to help bring that wonderful analytical side of you get on board, but the primary focus of this course is to get in there and USE your intuitive skills. You’ll get messy with them and discover that there are no mistakes, only avenues for more understanding. We play with everything: the tools, the concepts, and the results so that you fully understand your gifts.

You will practice on you.
You’ll learn how to read the energy of your issues, your questions, your desires – whatever you’re interested in. And throughout the process, you’ll receive the guidance necessary to recognize and become comfortable with your current and emerging intuitive skills.

“A big thanks to you Beverly for all of your
wonderful guidance with this intuitive work,
gently drawing it out of me until I could trust
it and myself fully. Now that I’ve begun to
share it and use it, I’m getting some great
feedback about how it is really helping
people heal.”
– Amy Williams

What makes this program different from others?

Over 30 years ago, I learned a very specific method for reading energy. Then I spent quite some time tweaking/unlearning a bunch of stuff. A bit laborious, yes, but it’s actually how I realized that everyone’s intuitive approach is unique…just like one’s personality.

As I discovered my own intuitive style, my skills increased and became much easier to use and develop. The experience also helped me create a process that allows my students to learn to read energy by starting from their natural, intuitive style rather than fitting into a mold. The only “unlearning” you do involves beliefs and patterns that claim you can’t read energy…i.e., the false stuff.

During the learning process, we keep the tools that work for you and toss or tweak what doesn’t. And we keep in mind all that additional knowledge and wisdom you have in your back pockets. It’s all relevant. That’s why I teach from the premise that you have your own answers and that you are rediscovering your skills. I’m here to provide neutral objectivity.

The Basic Method is a framework to get you started. The rest is designed to help you recognize how your intuitive process works and build on this rather than conform to someone else’s standard.

With practice, patience, and persistence your true intuitive nature will make itself known.

“I’ve been a computer programmer for 40+ years.
I  had no background whatsoever in Intuition or
though I did take Martha Beck’s Life
Coaching course.
By week 4 of Beverly’s “So you
want to read an aura” class
I had a remote viewing
experience. In the following weeks,
I was coming
up with things I could not possibly have
in coaching situations.  My mind is blown.

This is too much fun.” – Dale Johnson

You will come away with…

  • a foundation of practical, simple, powerful tools that support your unique intuitive journey
  • stronger trust in your intuitive abilities and how they speak to you
  • increased level of awareness about how energy follows thought and why that’s relevant
  • guidance for tuning in, translating, and interpreting your intuitive messages
  • knowing what is and isn’t an intuitive message through direct experience and practice
  • understanding the energy field (aura), visions, symbols, and how to set up your personal session
  • how and when to use your analytical skills so they don’t impede your intuition
  • practical suggestions and exercises for applying these tools to your everyday life
  • exercises for enhancing your personal Centering Practice for increased clarity, peace, and freedom

Bottom Line: You will learn how to move yourself into a receptive, energetic state so that you can be in tune with the information you want. The process can then be applied to anything you imagine.

Learning to read energy is just a smidge of what you are truly capable of…
but, then, you’ve got to start somewhere, right?


This course is open to folks with at least one of the following experiences:

  1. You’ve taken “The Nature of Your Intuition” (formerly known as “Intuitive Prep”)
  2. You’ve taken the Studio courses: “Intuit Yourself” or “Exploring Your Energy” or another iteration (these classes are no longer available).
  3. You’ve studied with me privately and understand my method of Intuitive Centering.

Note: If you’ve had experience elsewhere in meditation and/or energy work, feel super ready/interested to read energy and would like to jump into this class, please set up an INTUITIVE CONSULT with me to discuss the best next steps for you. Everyone comes in with different experiences and skills – I’ve found it’s best to honor this and seek the right path for each person.

And if you are unclear as to whether your experience matches the above prerequisites, please contact me using the form below. I look forward to your inquiry and will respond within 48 hours during business hours (M – F, 9:00 am – 5:00 pm Pacific Time).

Level I Course Logistics:

  • 6 Classes
  • Date/Time TBA
  • Live instructional classes include weekly lessons, guided practice, discussion, sharing, and Q & A.
  • During class I am known to read energy, offer specific guidance, and coach as needed.
  • Each class offers a safe environment for students to explore their unique and emerging talents.
  • The weekly FunSheets are downloadable, printable, and designed to help clarify concepts.
  • Home Experiment instructions are clearly defined for practice between classes.
  • All classes are conducted using Zoom Video Communication Services. Calls will be recorded and available for download w/in 24 hrs of each class. Video is not required to participate as we will primarily use audio since video can be somewhat distracting for this type of class. Plus, you’ll often have your eyes closed! Zoom requires a free software download to your computer/device which is easy to use. (long distance or data charges may apply and are responsibility of student – please check your system requirements and internet provider for further info.).
  • Our Private Group Forum on Facebook is set up for questions, answers, sharing, and all class materials.

How Much Time You Can Expect to Practice Each Week:

  • In Class – about 100 minutes per class.
    I do my best to ensure class ends in a timely fashion. However, due to the nature of this work there may be some overtime because things can get pretty interesting. If you must leave, that’s perfectly fine and since the class is recorded you won’t miss a beat. The first class tends to be closer to 2 hours.
  • Between Classes – about 90 minutes divided up through the week.
    Detailed Home Experiments support and encourage your success as you develop your intuitive skills. The breakdown:
    • Personal Centering Technique Practice: 10 – 20 minutes at least five days per week.
    • Personal Energy Reading Practice: 20 minutes at least three days per week.
    • Creativity for Intuitivity: 5 minutes until you want to stop.
    • “On-The-Go” Practical Application Practice: no extra time – you explore how the tools fit into your life.

Additional Support:

  • Once instruction has ended each week, I’m happy to stay after class (about 15 min) to answer questions.
  • Our Forum is the primary place for Q & A between classes. I respond within 24 hours (sans weekends…usually).
  • End of Course Intuitive Wrap-Up Focus Session (45 minutes) – a private session for each participant. We look at your intuitive development and bring clarity to your next steps.
  • Direct Support – email and/or phone support is offered as deemed necessary by moí.


If you would like to be added to the Wait List or have a question, please contact me via this nifty form and I’ll contact you within 48 hours, Monday – Friday.

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