Level III – Advanced Intuition


Advanced Guided Practice to Sharpen Your Energy Reading Skills

flight 1Individualized Program  –  Maximum of 6 Students

This course offers an intensive practice and personalization of your intuitive reading craft. Within a safe and fun environment, you will Take Flight by reading clients outside our virtual classroom. Emphasis is placed on your unique intuitive style as you begin blending what you’ve learned in previous classes with your own methods, specialties, experiences, and wisdom. Direct attention is given to refining your ability to clearly translate and communicate energetic signatures in ways consistent with your style as well as most pertinent to the client.

The Intuitive Energy Team Readings are instructor-guided and conducted in teams of no more than three readers. This individually-focused instruction gives each of you the practical experience needed to deepen your reading skill and truly make it your own.

Five discussion and instruction classes allow you to ask questions, share experiences, and gain clarity. These classes are free-flowing and designed for creative, in-the-moment interaction. After each Team Reading we will discuss and debrief your experience. New material is introduced regularly.

I meet with each student at least three times – pre-course, mid-course, and at end of the program. The purpose of these sessions is to get clear about your goals and development. I also offer “Intuitive Hours” which means I’m available for questions and the occasional phone meeting, as warranted.

The main focus of this course is practice…which is key to gaining confidence, developing clarity, and enhancing your intuitive abilities. It’s also about enjoying the reading process, uncovering your energetic path, and re-discovering your intuitive self.

After successful completion of this course, students will be
Graduates of the Intuitive Arts Studio’s Energy Reading Program
and listed on this website!


  • Completion of Energy Reading Program Level II
  • Instructor Approval


  • 17-Week Course Begins September 17, 2020
    – Thursdays; September 17, 2020 through January 28, 2021
    – 10:00 AM PDT/PST
    – No Classes/Readings: November 26, December 24 & 31 (Holidays)
    – All classes conducted online via Conference Service
    – Detailed Schedule provided at least one week prior to course start date
  • 5 Formal Instructional Classes
    – Allow 2 Hours per class
    – No Team Readings are held during the week of Instructional Classes
  • 12 Instructor-Led Team Readings w/Discussion & Debriefing
    – Students meet at 9:45 am Pacific Time; Clients arrive at 10:00 am Pacific Time
    – Allow 75 minutes, approximately, per class (45-minute reading + 30-minute discussion)
    – Clients are brought in by Instructor
    – Teams consist of up to 3 Readers; each student reads in one Team Reading per week
  • Weekly Actions Outside of Classes
    – Individual Technique Practice:  15- to 20-minutes daily
    – Students are encouraged to exchange Intuitive Energy Readings with each other – these are not assigned
    – Students are required to maintain 1 – 2 private clients per week by offering Intuitive Energy Readings to people outside the class structure. We will discuss these during our instructional classes as well as within our private forum.
  • Three Private Sessions with Instructor (approximately 30 minutes each)
    Flight Focus Session (pre-course) – we design your personalized program.
    Flight Check-In (mid-course) – assures you’re on track with your personal skills, energy reading, and overall progress.
    Flight Landing Session (end-course) – we review your course experience and look at your next adventure.
  • Facebook Group Forum & Intuitive Office Hours
    – A private space designed for questions, answers, support, sharing, and general information.
    – I’m happy to answer questions by email or within our group forum, usually within 48 hours (M – F).
    – Additional phone sessions may be scheduled as needed at the discretion of moí.
  • Graduates
    – To be considered a Graduate of the Intuitive Arts Studio’s Energy Reading Program, you get to…

• Participate live in 3 out of 5 Instructional Classes & listen to the recording of the class you missed.
• Participate in at least 11 of the 12 Team Energy Readings.
• Maintain private clients and be prepared to discuss your readings (confidentially, of course).
• Record and submit two, 20-minute Energy Readings (two different clients) for evaluation.
• Maintain non-telepathic communication with me, as needed.

  • All Classes & Team Readings are by Video Conference Service
    – Details provided upon registration.
    – We do not use the video aspect of the service as it can interfere with our course work.
    – Additional charges, if any, are the responsibility of participant.
  • Recordings
    – Instructional classes are recorded and available for download.
    – Team Readings and debriefings are not recorded.
  • Cost – $1,500 (USD)
    Registration opens August 10, 2020 – please contact me directly for the registration link.
    Deadline to Register is September 10, 11:59 pm PDT
    – Payments plans accepted, please contact me directly through this NIFTY PORTAL to discuss.
  • Refund Policy
    Refunds are granted up to five days before the course begins. You will be refunded what you have paid less a 15% service fee.

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