Intuitive Prep – Why, Yes! You Are Intuitive!

Our intuitive gifts are very powerful.
They are part of our instinctual skill set and specifically designed to guide us through life.

Next Class Begins Summer 2021

But our intuitive gifts are also very, very subtle.

And the world can be very, very loud.

So loud, in fact, that it can drown out our ability to hear them. Or if we do hear them, it can be challenging to manage or consciously use them.

Luckily, they haven’t vanished. They’re simply buried under years of beliefs that we don’t have them or can’t use them or shouldn’t access them.

And yet these intuitive abilities keep whispering to us, drawing our attention here and there, or sometimes showing up all at once in a dramatic heap. 

Intuitive abilities can look like many things:

  • sensing or feeling other people moods
  • feeling overly drained after being at an event or with a lot of people
  • seeing pictures in your head while people talk
  • knowing or hearing what someone will say before they say it
  • knowing who is calling or getting the idea you need to call someone to check on them
  • knowing things about people you couldn’t possibly have learned before
  • chills of truth, gut feelings, a sense of feeling guided

And this is just the beginning!

Most people have spent many years ignoring or shutting down these gifts rather than learning their magic because it was never a nurtured part of their development. Understandable.

But just like a certain musical pitch can shatter a glass, the first step in accessing our intuitive gifts is to find the pitch or vibration where they resonate so we can recognize them. And this involves getting quiet and subtle enough in our focus to know the difference between our intuition and our mind.

The process I’ve developed and teach helps you learn how to focus your attention so you can connect with your intuitive skill set. With practice, you can activate and use your intuition in the manner most natural for you.

This adventure offers you specific tools that allow you to…

  • Design your unique Centering Foundation that quickly and easily allows you access to your intuitive vibe.
  • Get familiar with how your unique set of intuitive skills currently speaks to you – a starting point.
  • Understand how to direct your energy and create a vibrational boundary.
  • Experience how simple, creative games can help you develop your intuition.

These practices are important because being Centered (calm, aware, focused) is what allows you access to your intuition. When you’re not, you can’t…or that connection can be rather skewed and confusing. This Centering Foundation is key to understanding your intuitive messages with clarity, neutrality, and confidence!

Everyone has a unique and natural way they focus into themselves or “Center”. There is no one right way, only your way and we want to find out what truly works for you. To do that requires experimentation, energy-awareness, practice, patience, and lots o’ fun. This essential Centering piece supports your future intuitive development, exploration, and energy-reading experiences. It’s kind of a big deal so let’s get off to a good start!


  • You are ready to experience your intuition (in addition to some discussion).
  • You are excited to try different tools and meditations that can open you up to new possibilities.
  • You can determine (with help, if needed) which of these tools and meditations fit for you.
  • You are willing to entertain the concept that you have your own answers.
  • You’d like to have some fun!prep photo 2


  • Classes run about 100 minutes, sometimes less.
  • Weekly in-class FunSheets provided to guide your experience.
  • Highly experiential with ample time for questions and exploration.
  • Light Home Experiments to provide support and promote discovery between classes.
  • Private Facebook Group for Non-Telepathic Communication.
  • All classes are recorded and downloadable to your computer or mobile device.
  • We will be using Zoom Conferencing Service. This free app allows you to access the class through your computer or phone and a direct line will be posted within our Facebook Group. Zoom requires you download their free software to facilitate the call which is simple to use. Although this is a video conferencing service, we may say hello via video but will turn it off once class begins as it is too distracting for this type of course. Plus, you’ll have your eyes closed most of the time for the exercises.


After completing the class, you will be invited to join my private Intuitive Arts Studio Community. This is a free group forum which is purely optional (I will not automatically add you). It is here that we continue our intuitive awareness and energy reading discussion, exploration, and discovery.

Dates / Time / Cost:

  • TBA
  • 11:00 AM Pacific Standard Time

To be added to the Wait List or ask a question, please fill out the form below. I will get back to you within 48 hours, Monday – Friday Pacific Time:

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