Soul Guides – Wait…Who Said That?

3-Week Telecourse


Connect with Your Soul Guides for a more Complete Human Experience.

Story: One day, 13 years ago.

I’m back-to-school shopping with my kid, aka, the Olympic event of Pleading, Bribing, & Chasing. It’s 90 degrees, the car’s air conditioning just died, we’re desperately in need of snacks, and my last nerve shut down some time in the previous century.

Pulling into the parking lot at the all-time early hour of noon, I see that EVERYONE IN THE CITY is also here, i.e., no parking spaces – a Los Angeles death sentence. I move to the side and stop the car. My son begins messing with the window (an old hand crank – squeaky, builds muscle). Ditching the errand isn’t an option because it’s the last minute and there’s a dress code.

Realizing I’m actually too tired to explode, I get quiet and say in my mind: “Okay, Guides – if, ahem, you’re even around – would you please just show me where the next parking space is? Please??

In the cacophony of window rolling and whining (that would be mine), I hear “Drive straight forward slowly. Turn right at the next aisle, there will be a woman backing out a little more than half-way down.”


“You heard it.”

Uh. Okay.

So I do that and…exactly as heard, the scene plays itself out.


Since then, I’ve used this “technique” (minus the whining…sometimes) with nearly 100% success. When it doesn’t work, I know I’m not in sync with myself enough to hear. And, of course, I’ve applied it to areas beyond parking because…why not?!

Each person’s experience with guides is different. Some folks have always communicated while others have never felt this connection. There are those with amazing epiphanies, dream or actual visitations, and those who’ve had just a whisper, if that.

I spent many-a-year believing I had no guides…even while meditating and giving intuitive readings and seeing that other people had them. I just figured it wasn’t my gig.

Playing around for a few years with the highly glamorous skill of acquiring parking spaces as well as working with others to help them connect with their guides, I began to understand a few things:

  • Your Soul Guides are always around to help.
  • They’re here for your spiritual development…and theirs.
  • They’ll teach you stuff, learn from you, exchange ideas, and even get into such everyday practical and mundane events as finding parking spaces.
  • There is no perfect way that accommodates all people or all guides. Each of us is unique in our method of interacting.
  • Intention and focus play key roles.

Our Soul Guides are not here to tell us what to do but to create a partnership with us.
We are in this together!

In this experiential course, we start with a foundational method to assist students in connecting with their Soul Guides. As students practice regularly, their abilities begin to unfold so that they develop an awareness of how to maintain their connections…and when.

We cover boundary-setting, intentions, communication, requesting guides with particular specialties, and recognizing the difference between the mind talking and actual connection with Guides.

This safe and fun environment allows the student to develop trust in the messages and information they exchange with their Soul Guides. Students find this approach helpful whether they are brand new to this type of communication, have challenges with their communication technique, or want to enliven existing connections.

Prerequisite – at least 1 of the following:

  1. Intuitive Prep  – This process connects students with their unique, vibrational core and has proven to be a must-have as they continue their intuitive development. It can also be taught through one or two private sessions (depends on the student’s needs).
  2. A similar course you’ve taken through the Intuitive Arts Studio
  3. You’ve worked with me personally.

If you are unclear about this, I welcome you to contact me directly via THIS LINK.


• Classes run about 90 minutes:

– 20-ish minutes to learn some cool stuff
– 40-ish minutes of direct communication with your guides
– 30-ish minutes for questions & answers

• Materials:

– Welcome Packet.
– Weekly in-class FunSheets provided to guide your experience.
– Home Experiments to provide support and experimenting between classes.

• Private Facebook Group for Non-Telepathic Communication, Q & A, sharing.
• All classes are recorded and downloadable.
• Conference Line provided upon registration (toll charges may apply and are the responsibility of the student).

Dates & Time:

December 5th, 12th, 19th, 2019
10:00 AM Pacific Standard Time


$195.00 (USD)

*Reminder to check the Prerequisite (scroll up a bit)

To Join in the Fun: 

Please click on this MAGIC PORTAL LINK to schedule.

Another Option:

If you would rather work privately with me to access your Soul Guides, please send me a note HERE.

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