Intuitive Prep I – Why, Yes! I Am Intuitive!

This 4-Week Tele-Course will be Offered in Winter 2018

(exact dates announced soon)

window to stars

What if you could uncover your intuitive gifts, turn them into talents,
and actually use them.

Wouldn’t that be fun?

This adventure focuses on…

Designing your unique Energy Flow Practice for maximum efficiency in centering yourself.
Getting familiar with how your intuition currently speaks to you – a starting point.
Understanding how it feels when energy follows thought.
How creative games help develop your intuition.

Why these practices are important…

The main deal is to know who you are when you’re centered, calm, aware, and focused.
And when you’re not.

Because when things get wonky, wonderful, confusing, and exciting…which they will,
your foundation will be set.

And this foundation is key to understanding your intuitive messages with clarity, neutrality, and confidence!

Since everyone does this centering thing just a little bit differently, we want to find out what truly works for you.
And to do that requires experimentation, energy-awareness, and lots o’ fun.
This essential piece supports your future intuitive development, exploration, and energy-reading experiences.
It’s kind of a big deal so let’s get off to a good start, eh?

The prerequisite…

Is that you have some experience meditating at some point in your life – 6 months will do.
Could be any type of meditation practice.
Doesn’t have to have been consecutive.
Nor the most recent 6 months.
Doesn’t even have to have been particularly successful.
Just that you understand the meditative process and have had this experience.


Classes run about 100 minutes.
Weekly in-class FunSheets provided to guide your experience.
Highly experiential with ample time for questions and exploration.
Light Home Experiments to provide support and experimenting between classes.

Private Facebook Group for Non-Telepathic Communication.
All classes are recorded and downloadable.
Conference Line provided upon registration (toll charges may apply and are the responsibility of the student).

Cost & Dates (more info coming soon)

During the sign-up process, there is a very simple form with 4 questions.

Another Option:

If you don’t want to take a class (because sometimes you just don’t want another class), you can also do this work privately with me before Level I of the Energy Reading Program begins. For more info on this, please send me a note HERE.

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