Guidance Sessions with Beverly

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Otherwise, here is a bit more information about the sessions…

Private Intuitive Guidance Sessions

Sessions are designed to open avenues for greater understanding as well as bring you a renewed sense of your true nature. Without a doubt I know that your answers are alive and well within you. Therefore, I won’t tell you what to do, when to do it, or how it should be done. You already know all this – it simply may be tough to access at the moment. My job is to provide the light, allowing you to come away with greater access to your own wisdom so that your innate abilities inspire you to shape your unique life.

In this process, I begin by intuitively connecting with your Energy Signature for an overall understanding of what is currently happening in your life. I’ll note where your energy is flowing well, where it may be challenged, and how both of these aspects could be manifesting in your world. As we move into the bulk of the session this initial information allows us to utilize your time with efficiency. I may offer ideas for personal energy management, practical steps toward reaching your goals, coaching, and/or teach you a tool or two if appropriate. You are always welcome to ask questions and/or offer comments during any part of the session – this is an interactive experience.

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Types of Sessions:

  • Life Session – How your skills, talents, creativity, and intuition align with your passions and life vision… and what to do if they don’t.
  • Career & Business – Understanding what your career focus, the situations within a current job, career transformation.
  • Relationship – The dynamics of your relationship with a person, place, or thing and how this affects your life.
  • Personal Energy Management – Being sensitive to energy can be both exhilarating and depleting, learn how your specific abilities are hindering or enhancing your life…and how to reconfigure your energy so you’re creating your world rather than it creating you.

Private Training & Mentoring

Our focus here is to discover and hone your specific intuitive abilities. Great care is taken to learn your natural inclinations so that you can best use these unique skills in your life.

Perhaps you’ve been having experiences that are difficult to explain. Maybe you are highly sensitive and don’t quite understand how to manage your energy. There is no “one size fits all” answer for everyone – we are individuals with different preferences and desires.

A session involves intuitive reading/coaching, energy management instruction, creative intuitive assignments, your own practice, and brief email contact. The general tools I teach are adapted to your particular needs. Be prepared to delve deep and truly explore your abilities.

Student Team Readings

Taking Flight” is an advanced intuitive reading course that supports students as they practice their evolving skills. These are instructor-guided sessions which means that I am on the call – intuitively and simultaneously tuning in to the client, students, and overall session. I will direct, prompt, assist, and gently challenge the Student Team, as needed. A “team” consists of two to three student readers who have been studying with me for over six months and have a strong desire to perfect their abilities. My goal is to help each student receive and translate their intuitive messages with clarity to ensure that the client comes away with useful information to enhance their life.

As a participant, this is a unique opportunity to not only ask questions and receive information about your life, but you also get a glimpse into how someone learns to connect with a person’s energy field in order to retrieve this type of subtle and sometimes elusive information (i.e., read an energy field).

We do not charge for these Team Guidance Sessions, but we do ask that clients offer a little feedback regarding their experience, such as, if they found the information useful and the process accessible…or not. Sessions are approximately 45 minutes long and not recorded.

Scheduling a Session

THIS PORTAL will connect you with my scheduling service. All sessions are conducted by phone (long-distance charges may apply depending upon your phone service).

15-minute Conversation – complimentary
I’m happy to chat with you about your next steps regarding your intuitive development.

The Spot Light Session – $77
(a 25-minute intuitive energy reading to bring quick clarity to an issue – CLICK AWAY for more info)

Intuitive Energy Guidance Session – $175
(60 minutes together which includes reading, dialog, questions, personalized energy/coaching tools, and next step)

Session Package – $625 – four 60-minute sessions
(custom-designed for your specific needs; includes brief email contact between sessions)

Student Team Readings – 40 minutes – no charge
Offered on specific days and times ONLY. Please access my SCHEDULING SERVICE for details. As you might imagine, these slots fill up rather quickly so please check back periodically for additional opportunities.

Intuitive Guidance Session Understanding

Intuitive Guidance Sessions are not in any way to be construed as or a replacement for psychotherapy, legal counsel, medical or financial guidance. I do not give advice concerning medical, legal, mental health, or financial matters. I offer observations and suggestions to help bring clarity to an issue – the client is responsible for their own decisions, actions, and results. All contacts, information, and records are kept confidential unless otherwise required by law. If you have questions or concerns about any of the information above, please contact me as soon as possible prior to your session. Meeting at the time and phone number specified in your confirmation email indicates you understand and agree with the information contained herein.