Level II


 Using Your Energy Reading Skill for Your Clients

*** Vibrational and Practical Updates are In The Works – Please Stay Tuned ***

Prerequisite – Level I “The Nature of Your Intuition”


energy flows throughout

The course description below is an old version, but I left it up because it offers an idea of where you’ll go as you learn to
transfer the Level I Basic Energy Reading Method from reading yourself to reading others. This Level II will be more robust than what you see here. As always, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Now begins the old course listing:

This is course is the natural next step for deepening one’s intuitive awareness and abilities.
Building on the Basic Method learned in the first course, we venture into such areas as:

Soul Council
Energy Centers & Other Systems
Blocks, Walls, & Diversions
How to Set Up a Format
Blending Intuitive Skills with Other Modalities
and, of course, much more

Students will be taught a variety of energy tools and refinements designed to further develop their reading skills
as well as enhance their personal growth. Guided practice labs create a safe place for students to explore
their unique and emerging intuitive reading talents.

The practical application of what’s been learned is key in achieving success, so practice also takes place
outside class in small groups assigned by the instructor. Additionally, the included private sessions
can help the student gain clarity on their skill in a more personal and direct level.

Students come away with a stronger understanding of their unique skills, increased awareness of their own process,
and an overall boost in their ability to read energy. Often, additional abilities which have been a bit dormat
begin to appear and we address these as they arise.

Course Details:

Please note: More details on their way SOON!!
Prerequisite  – Level I “The Nature of Your Intuition”

  • Class length: 100 minutes (approximately)
  • Weekly Home Experiments (times will vary per individual):
    • Method Practice with a partner: 60 minutes
    • Individual Technique Practice: 15-20 minutes, most days
  • Limited to 12 participants – this is a highly personalized learning environment.


  • Ample practice, discussion, and Q & A time.
  • Fun, downloadable worksheets for clarification.
  • In-class reading/coaching by instructor as is directly related to lessons and practice.
  • Instructor-assigned Reading Pals for Intuitive Energy Reading practice outside of class.
  • Private Facebook Group Forum for questions, answers, support, sharing, and those wild stories.
  • Conference line provided upon registration (any long-distance charges are responsibility of participant)
  • All classes will be recorded and available as an MP3 download.

Additional Support:

  • Mid-Course Intuitive Session (30 minutes) – energy-reading check-in & questions.
  • End-Course Intuitive Session (45-minute) – reading skill/course assessment, questions, & next steps.
  • Private Support via email during office hours (M-F, 9:00 am – 3:30 pm Pacific Time) as needed.


  • TBA
  • Refund Policy
    Refunds are granted up to five days before the course begins. You will be refunded what you have paid less a 15% service fee.

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