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Learn to Intuitively Read Energy Signatures

• Due to its highly personalized nature, this course is limited to 10 Students •


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Class Begins February 5, 2019

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An aura is a field of energy that is produced by and surrounds every living thing. It contains information regarding your present life experience, soul journey, and unique essence. In short, it’s your Energetic Signature.

“Reading an aura” means using your intuitive abilities to accurately connect with an Energy Signature – the electromagnetic field that surrounds everyone. We all have intuitive abilities – the degree to which we use them simply depends upon our individual desire and what we each feel called to do.

I train people to effectively use their Intuitive Abilities so they can guide their clients and students to wholeness with clarity and confidence.

Your intuitive abilities are calling you…

You have a passion for guiding people to their highest potential. You are caring, sensitive, and listen well. You’re good at what you do or are training to be so. You give authentically and from your true nature.

Intuitively, however, you get the sense you’ve got intuitive messages to share but may be uncertain about how to do that consistently and successfully. People often say you’re quite intuitive…which is lovely… but you feel something is missing. Basically, you’ve got some questions, such as:

  • What is the true meaning of this intuitive signal and have I received the entire message?
  • Did I give out correct information or should I even relay the message at all?
  • Is the message I’m getting for my client or myself?
  • How do I know if it’s an actual message, something I’ve surmised, or my elbow just has an itch?
  • I’m feeling pretty strong emotions – are they about me or my client?
  • What is causing my fear about my intuitive abilities?
  • Is the direction I’m taking with this client accurate?
  • Why do I feel drained after some of my client sessions and exhilarated after others?

You’re looking for clarity, consistency, and trust in your intuitive abilities. You want to translate the messages you receive more succinctly and to understand the nuances for respecting your client’s privacy. And you’d like to use this intuitive skill in a more deliberate way with your clients, to be more confident and in tune with their needs so they come away from the session with a whole-self experience.

Why take this program?

An intuitive perspective helps the practitioner connect with underlying issues which may be difficult to locate by other means. Once aware of a client’s vibrational essence, one can quickly access the subtle avenues of a client’s skewed energy, note a corresponding belief system, and determine the direction necessary to guide the client into wholeness.

This course is an intensive, experiential study of your intuitive abilities – how they speak to you and how you impart their messages to your clients. I teach from the premise that you have your own answers and that you are rediscovering your skills. The method is a framework designed to help you recognize how your natural intuitive process works and build on this rather than conform to someone else’s standard. With practice, patience, and persistence you will learn your true intuitive nature.

“A big thanks to you Beverly for all of your
wonderful guidance with this intuitive work,
gently drawing it out of me until I could trust
it and myself fully. Now that I’ve begun to
share it and use it, I’m getting some great
feedback about how it is really helping
people heal.”
– Amy Williams

You will come away with…

  • a foundation for building your intuitive ability into a method that works for you
  • an understanding of how your intuitive abilities speak to you
  • how to tune in more deeply to the intuitive ability you’re using in the moment
  • how to recognize the difference between a message for yourself and your client
  • a method for listening, deciphering, translating, and delivering your intuitive messages
  • knowing what is and isn’t an intuitive message through experience and practice
  • understanding the responsibility of reading energy
  • learning about metaphors, symbols, and how to format a reading
  • a process for getting unstuck when you are unclear of the next step in a session
  • practical suggestions and exercises for using these tools in your personal life
  • your own Personal Technique Practice that brings you to a sense of freedom, peace, and clarity


“I’ve been a computer programmer for 40+ years.
I  had no background whatsoever in Intuition or
though I did take Martha Beck’s Life
Coaching course.
By week 4 of Beverly’s “So you
want to read an aura” class
I had a remote viewing
experience. In the following weeks,
I was coming
up with things I could not possibly have
in coaching situations.  My mind is blown.

This is too much fun.” – Dale Johnson


This course is open to folks with at least one of the following experiences:

1. You’ve taken “Intuitive Prep – Why, Yes! I Am Intuitive“.

2. You’ve taken “Intuit Yourself” or “Exploring Your Energy” (these classes are no longer available).

3. You’ve had a Private Intuitive Development Prep sessions with me.

4. If you’ve had experience elsewhere in meditation and/or energy work, feel super ready/interested to read energy and would like to jump into this class, please set up an INTUITIVE CONSULT with me to discuss the best next steps for you. Everyone comes in with different experiences and skills – I’ve found it’s best to honor this and seek the right path for each person.

And if you are unclear as to whether your experience matches the above prerequisites, please contact me using the form below. I look forward to your inquiry and will respond within 48 hours during business hours (M – F, 9:00 am – 5:00 pm Pacific Time).

Level I Course Logistics:

  • 8 Classes
  • 2019: February 5 – March 26 (Tuesdays)
  • 10:00 am Pacific Time
  • Limited to 10 students due to the nature of this highly personalized training.
  • Live instructional classes include weekly lessons, guided practice, discussion, sharing, and Q & A.
  • During class I am known to read energy, offer specific guidance, and coach as needed.
  • Each class offers a safe environment for students to explore their unique and emerging talents.
  • The near-weekly FunSheets are downloadable, printable, and help to clarify concepts.
  • Weekly Home Experiment instructions are clearly defined for practice between classes.
  • All classes are conducted by phone, recorded, and available for download w/in 24 hrs of each class.
    (long distant charges may apply and are responsibility of student)
  • Our Private Group Forum on Facebook is great for questions, answers, sharing, class materials.
  • Reading Partners are assigned weekly for practice outside of class.

“Thanks for all your insight and help with
this and
for creating such a safe space for us
to learn and explore.
I don’t think I’d be doing this
if it weren’t for you and
our amazing group.
I’m feeling so grateful ”
– Susan Dahl-Robertson

How Much Time You Can Expect to Practice Each Week:

  • In Class – about 100 minutes per class.
    I do my best to ensure class ends in a timely fashion. However, due to the nature of this work there may be some overtime because things can get pretty interesting. If you must leave, that’s perfectly fine and since the class is recorded you won’t miss a beat. The first class tends to be closer to 2 hours.
  • Between Classes – about 90 minutes.
    Detailed Home Experiments support and encourage your success as you develop your intuitive skills. The breakdown:
    • Personal Technique Practice: 10 – 20 minutes at least five days per week.
    • “On-The-Go” Practice: no extra time – you explore how the tools fit into your life.
    • Reading Practice with a Partner: 60 minutes, approximately.

Additional Support:

  • Pre-Course Intuitive Focus Session (30 minutes) – together we design your Personal Technique Practice and discuss your course-related questions.
  • End-Course Intuitive Wrap-Up Focus Session (30-minutes) – we look at your intuitive development and bring clarity to your next steps.
  • Private Support via email during office hours (M-F, 10:00 am – 3:00 pm Pacific Time) as needed.


  • $750.00 (USD)

  • To register, contact me for Direct Access using the form below. Please include information about which prerequisite you’ve completed.  You can also ask a question about the program and/or tell me about your experience. I will respond within 48 hours (M-F).*

  • Refund Policy
    Refunds are granted no less than five days before the course begins. You will be refunded what you have paid less a 15% service fee.

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