Endorsed Intuitives

Intuitive Arts Studio offers rigorous instructional programs for
Intuitives Energy Readers & Teachers.

Each practitioner adheres to the principles learned in the Studio yet applies their own knowledge, creativity, and wisdom to their art. This ensures that your experience will be unique and personalized. Since it is understood that the future is flexible, malleable, and abundant with possibilities, each Intuitive recognizes your free will and ability to create the journey you truly want.

The following Endorsed Intuitive Energy Readers & Teachers are proficient in the art of reading Energy Signatures and/or Teaching these skills to you where noted. To choose a Practitioner best suited to your needs, here are a few guidelines (please note – more Intuitives to be added shortly):

1. give yourself a moment to become quiet within by taking a few deep breaths
2. close your eyes
3. focus on your heart center for about 15 seconds
4. open your eyes and notice who grabs your attention

Monica Witt
Heart Focused Intuitive Coach & Teacher

I am an Animal Communicator and Intuitive Reader/Coach/Energy Teacher. I intuitively connect with you and/or your animal (if you have a companion) then use coaching to assist you in determining what is best for you. As an energy teacher, I guide you through managing your personal energy. Please contact me at coachmwitt@gmail.com

Carol headshot

Carol Brown
Certified Martha Beck Coach & Teacher

My passion is helping sensitive people connect with their inner resources and intuitive wisdom.  While training with Beverly Belling I have developed a variety of imaginative, energetic, and mindfulness tools and techniques, which I delight in sharing with and teaching to others.  You can reach me at cjbrowncoach@gmail.com


Shannon cropped

Shannon Barrett
Intuitive Coach and Teacher

Using intuition and other tools, I can help you rediscover and reconnect to what you really want in life: spiritual growth, pursuing your passion, or finding balance. Along the way, I can teach you how to tap into your own unique wisdom. Contact me at eshannon@eshannonbarrett.com


bridgetteBridgette Parent Reid
Life Coach & Intuitive Soul Guide

I combine intuitive readings with personal coaching for laser sessions – first intuitively getting to the heart of the matter, then seeking practical guidance for your situation. It’s like turning on the windshield wipers to clear the fogginess so you can see your own best path…the most direct path to peace, purpose and joy. BridgetteReid.coach@gmail.comwww.Soul-Hive.com