Who Is Beverly?

Beverly Belling


Hello! My name is Beverly Belling.
I ReUnite people with their Intuitive Abilities.

This page is a snapshot of my life and experience.
Life can be rather fluid, though, and next week will be different.

But the past remains as is….maybe…

It’s all in how you look at it, isn’t it?


I Practice…

  • not burning dinner
  • meditation (sitting, balancing on one foot, Tai Chi Chuan, yoga –  not all at once)
  • writing
  • doodling
  • living as a human being
  • compassion
  • honesty (yes, I did just finish the last of the chocolate bar)
  • remaining calm during zombie invasions (lesson from my son)
  • daydreaming
  • classical piano
  • creativity
  • reading something other than self-help
  • courage (physical, mental, emotional, and in my color palatte)
  • intuition (you knew that)
  • being Rarely Balanced
  • making a vat of chocolate-covered raisins last an entire week

Coaching/Intuitive Certifications, Study, & Influences…

Professional Experience…

  • Intuitive Energy Readings (25+ years)
  • Life & Creativity Coach (9 years)
  • Creative Visioning Workshops (15+ years)
  • Meditation & Spiritual Practice Classes/Workshops (15+ years)
  • Human Resources Management & Facilitation (10 years)
  • Performing Arts – performance, staging, choreography, teacher (10 years…do we ever really stop performing?)

A few groups I’ve worked with…

  • Martha Beck Inc. – teacher
  • Martha Beck Inc. – 2014 Summit Co-Presenter
  • Leadership Pasadena – Empower YOUth
  • American School of Laughter Yoga
  • Mothers & More; Pasadena Chapter
  • Neighborhood Unitarian Universalist Church; Pasadena, CA
  • Unitarian Universalist Church of Studio City; Studio City, CA


  • some free-lance writing & blogging
  • performed & toured with The Young Americans & Columbia Artists
  • have been to nearly every state in the USA as well as England, Mexico, Israel, and an airport in France somewhere
  • wrote and performed songs (mainly children’s) on guitar
  • learning the ukelele because why not
  • love collage art, Argentine Tango, Agatha Christie mysteries, surprise trips to garage sales
  • married to Cary Belling – composer, conductor, arranger, violinist, and all around wonderful guy
  • mom to one exuberant & hilarious teenage boy

© 2013 – 2017 Beverly Belling