What I Do

As an Intuitive Energy Reader…
I connect with information from sentient beings by seeing, sensing, feeling, and receiving energy. Often, there is communication with Spirits – passed and present, with and without bodies. I also help clients connect and communicate with their Soul Guide(s). How I do this involves intention, focus, and neutrality, and this method reveals a depth to an issue, situation, or relationship that has perhaps been evasive to the client by other means. I have been reading energy for over 30 years and am still amazed by each client’s uniqueness. We – along with our animal friends – are indeed amazing creatures.

As an Intuitive Coach…
I provide a safe place for people to find their truth, asking questions to gain clarity and understand their vantage point. Listening carefully to words and phrasings is key and helps me to catch thoughts which cause stress and no longer serve a person’s well-being. I teach a variety of tools designed to promote personal awareness and growth, allowing people to take action inspired from their own authenticity. My practice is firmly rooted in the belief that, deep down, each of us has our own answers.

As a Creativity Coach…
I understand that life itself is a creative process. As non-linear as creativity can be, it does contain certain elements and patterns, therefore, tools used are designed to bring greater awareness to one’s blocks (such as, procrastination, perfectionism, overwhelm) as well as one’s unique creative nature.

Each of these coaching elements offers the possibility for an interesting, thought-provoking, and success-oriented experience. Along with a deeper understanding of their own true nature, clients come away with a unique set of tools which allow them to facilitate their continued growth. Life really is a journey – there are always hills and valleys and stretches of flat lands, it’s how we best navigate them that makes for an authentic life. The best thing about it all is that there is no end, only more adventure…and you get to decide what that adventure is going to be.


Intuitive Arts Studio Terms and Understandings

Intuitive Arts Studio classes, chats, gatherings, consults, and Intuitive Guidance Sessions from myself or my students during a class (also called “Intuitive Readings”, “Energy Readings”) are not in any way to be construed as or a replacement for psychotherapy, legal counsel, medical direction, or financial guidance. I do not diagnose, predict, or guarantee outcomes. In every case, the client/student is responsible for their own decisions, actions, and results.

Instruction and guidance offered in all classes and sessions includes many situations where the client/student is meant to be in meditation with their eyes closed. It is strongly advised that the client/student does not drive or operate machinery while attending or listening to a recording of a class or Intuitive Guidance Session.

All contacts, information, and records are kept confidential unless otherwise required by law and are not shared with third parties. Intuitive Arts Studio is committed to an environment in which all individuals are treated with respect and dignity regardless of race, age, ancestry, religious belief, gender identity, sex, sexual orientation, or political belief. Discrimination is not tolerated. Intuitive Arts Studio reserves the right to remove any person from its groups, classes, and/or sessions who does not adhere to the above terms and understandings.

Attending any Intuitive Arts Studio class, chat, gathering, consult, or receiving intuitive guidance from an instructor, student teacher, or fellow student indicates you understand and agree with the information above. Thank you!

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