Intuit Yourself

Set your Intuition in Motion using Your Natural Creative Flow

 6-Week Telecourse (date TBA shortly)


You are Intuitive.

In fact, right now your intuition is giving you all sorts of nudges and direction
about whatever has your attention at the moment.

Intuition is one of our normal, everyday skills.
It’s subtle, it’s quiet, and it expresses itself uniquely in each of us.

Intuition is an immediate awareness and understanding of something or someone without using our ability to analyze. Along with practical knowledge, wisdom, and life experience, intuition is a vital part of our human self and a key navigation component for our adventures.

But when intuition seems to have gone missing or only shows itself on rare occasions,
It’s just that we’ve forgotten how it works and where it lives within us.


Creativity is a process.

It’s the act of joining elements together to make something new.

It houses imagination, curiosity, intuition, experimentation, and a sense of flow.

The concept has mainly been used in association with the arts, but it’s simply how we learn about our world, how we solve problems.

You’ve been creating since you were old enough to grab a pile of noodles and drop it on the ground to see what would happen.

Every human is creative.

Every. Single. One.


Creative Flow is where the elements of creativity intersect.

It’s that moment during a project where ideas or elements begin moving together into form. You feel wholly immersed; the world seems to fade into the background. You know what to do next.

This is where intuition lives.
It’s the subtle, quiet guide with the nudges.

Intuition is what told you that the noodles and the floor were of interest in the first place.


The Course

If you took the workshop “Create A Path To Your Intuition”, you got a glimpse of how your Intuition works within your Creative Flow.

Intuit Yourself takes you deeper. We have six weeks to explore your personal expression of Intuition and discover how it speaks to you. Your natural Creative Flow is used to anchor your connection to your intuition as well as to your inner wisdom and experiences.

When we are aware of how our intuition speaks to us and
stop ignoring our intuitive nudges, we can step forward in our lives with confidence.


This 6-week adventure offers you…

• energy techniques to quiet your mind chatter •
• creative exercises, games, and home experiments to help solidify your experiences •

• learn how your intuition currently speaks to you •
• techniques to further develop your intuitive abilities •

what to do about fear, resistance, and other elements that thwart your intuitive connection •
• specific skills to manage your energy and respond rather than react to situations •

explore how beliefs can alter our perceptions and learn a fun technique to gain clarity •
• explore your sensitivity to energy and set clear boundaries •

• practical uses for your everyday situations •
• ways to empower yourself to make conscious and clear decisions •
• a safe place to practice these skills, stop hiding, and start enjoying your intuitive abilities •

After learning these tools people report…

knowing their internal messages

an increase in favorable synchronicities

feeling calmer and more in control of their lives

realize they’re more intuitive than they thought

heightened awareness with less anxiety

easier decision making

life is more fun




  • Day/Time TBA shortly

Class Info:

  • Class Duration: 75 – 90 minutes
  • Downloadable FunSheets offer clarification of method and note-taking
  • In-class instruction, practice, discussion, Q & A
  • All classes conducted by phone
    – call-in number provided upon registration
    – long-distance charges, if any, are responsibility of participant
    – international numbers available

Home Exploration:

  • Method Practice – 10- to 15-min, most days (highly recommended)
  • Home Experiments – conducted at your discretion and designed to be used “on the go”
  • Creative Projects of your own choosing.
  • Downloadable instructions & guidance provided


  • Private Facebook Group Forum for Q & A, support, sharing, wild stories, etc.
  • All classes will be recorded and available as an MP3 download to your computer.
  • You will be invited to join the Intuitive Arts Studio Community – a free FB group hangout to discuss and explore all things intuitive.


  • $245.00


  • (open soon)


  • Please CONTACT ME and I’ll get back to you within 48 hours during business hours (M – F, 9:00a – 5:00p).

Intuit Yourself was hugely FUN! My Fact Finder self soaked up information about intuition and about creativity, and learned new ways of dealing with resistance and thoughts that I love playing with. My Follow Through self had the experience of seeing how “it” all fits together – all the pieces of the process. I discovered how the creative process shows up in my life, every day! I am starting to play … with color, with words, with ideas.  And, in this class, I got ‘stuff’ done – a creative project, or two, or three. I highly recommend this class for anyone curious about intuition and creativity and who likes to learn in a playful, supportive setting.” ~ Carol Brown

“A big thank you for the Intuit Yourself Class! I learned so much. What a fun way to explore creativity and intuition. I loved every thing about it. You are an amazing teacher. Cheering round of applause!” ~ Michele Sammons

Intuition is a skill.
The gift is in how you use it.

© 2016 – 2017 Beverly Belling