Create A Path to Your Intuition

Using your Creative Flow to access your Intuitive Senses

 A 75-Minute Teleclass
(by phone)

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 Wedged between the dining room window and a very short bookcase sat The Piano. It was an enormous creature, brown and worn with a rather tinny sound. Most of the keys either clunked or hissed and the wood kinda smelled funny, but I was desperately in love with it.

By age 3, I had taught myself to play “Mary Had A Little Lamb”, “Yankee Doodle Dandy”, and most probably “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.” Anything I could sing or hum was eventually transferred to this amazing contraption. I remember the captivating feeling of being guided as I noodled around, listening intently for the sound that matched the one in my body.


People have often said that being creative makes you more intuitive.

When I’d ask them why, they’d say they didn’t know.
It just does.

Well, I wanted to know Why.

And I wanted to know How.

How did intuitive awareness magically transfer from focused creativity to regular ol’ life?

Because even though I intuitively read energy for others, I still had struggles with my own decisions, understanding my career path, knowing my truth, and a host of other challenges that come from not being in touch with your intuition.

Since answers to this particular question proved elusive,
I gathered together my various creative and intuitive experiences
and decided to do some research.

henry 2

Here’s what I discovered:


Creativity is one of the most important aspects of our lives – it is how we engage with the world.

Creativity is a big word. It houses intuition, curiosity, exploration, experimentation, imagination, ideas, flow. It is the vehicle for fulfilling our innate desire to produce, find solutions, and express ourselves. It does not just involve crayons or pianos…though it might. We also use it to find the right log so we can cross a stream, to develop successful accounting processes, to solve environmental concerns, and so on.

Creative Flow is the act of creating, that state of mind where we experience a connection to our inner and outer selves.
The sweet spot. The zone.

Creativity is an experience that is universal, yet its process is uniquely individual.


Intuition is a key component of Creative Flow. It is the pilot.
It communicates through our subtle senses with messages from our Soul in the form of visions, sensations, notions, and nudges.

Intuition is that captivating feeling of being guided when we are absorbed in Creative Flow and understand our next move.

Intuition dances with all aspects of Creativity as well as our inner wisdom, knowledge, and preferences until a new combination of elements is added to the world. And then Intuition nudges us in yet another direction.

And Intuition is effortless and delightfully unemotional.

You’ve Already Got This

As I practiced and experimented, I began to understand the pathway of how to bring my creative intuitive experience into everyday life. Not only has my ability to make decisions or understand my path started to shift, but I feel happier – bit of a surprise bonus!

I realized that each time you create something that requires you to move into Creative Flow – meaning, you are in the process of bringing elements or ideas together in a new way – you are using your Intuition.

And if you’re human – and let’s assume you are – you’ve been doing this since you
stopped eating those wooden blocks and started using them to design skyscrapers. And that means you know
this Creative Flow space pretty well, you just may not recognize it and
therefore have been discounting your experiences.

 Your Intuition can be cultivated and developed to use in your everyday life.
THIS means you do not have to wait until the mood strikes or meditate for hours to access it.

 With a bit of practice, you can tune into your Intuitive Nature any ol’ time you want.
And because you already know how, it just takes a bit of reminding and direction.

So, if you have trouble…

making decisions
knowing what career to embark on
finding your purpose or path
choosing between projects
knowing when someone is truthful
or feeling that you’re not connected to yourself in a way you know you could be

This class is for you!

The Class Offers

• an experience •
• a process for accessing your Intuition through your Creative Flow •
• a method for connecting your Intuitive Experience to your everyday life •
• accessing your Intuition to make a decision •
• ideas for practice •
• sharing & discussion •


• instructions for joining the call & other information provided after registration •
•  you’ll receive a link to download 2 FunSheets to capture your experiences •
• the class will be recorded – a link for the MP3 download sent by email 24 hours after class •

The Cost – $29

 Questions? Please contact me by using this NIFTY FORM.

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