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Intuition is a curious thing. We’ve all got it yet most of us are taught to ignore it.

This causes a conundrum – especially when working with clients – because no matter how long it’s been shoved down, sooner or later your intuition will rap on your door. In fact, I’m sure it’s already visited you because it is a natural component of attentive listening and focusing. You just don’t recognize it…yet!

When your intuition emerges you’ll get nudges, words, ideas, and even feel stuff about or for your client that you know is right but can’t explain why…or how… you know.

Since this all can seem inconsistent or incomplete, it makes it difficult to translate such “messages” for you or your clients in a way that is effective and useful.

Your intuition could also feel a bit unmanageable, as in, not knowing how to turn it off or dial it down…
when everything seems important all at once all the time…even after other folks are long gone.

And, then, sometimes you have no idea what’s going on…but know that something is!!

All this means is that you haven’t met your unique intuitive skills so you don’t yet know how to use them, trust them,
and/or manage them.
But this is simply a matter of understanding what they are and how you organically work with them which will be different from how someone else does it. We are unique creatures that way.

And you can learn to do because this is I how developed my own skills. It simply took a a focused, experiential look at my abilities and then practice, patience, and persistence while having lots of fun.

You may have had an explosive experience which allowed you to gain access to your intuition and that is awesome, indeed. However, this is not a requirement nor even the norm. Your intuitive abilities are available to you right this moment and once you tune in, you’ll realize just how often you’ve already been using them!

The Studio provides a safe place for you to explore, uncover, and develop your specific intuitive gifts so that you can turn them into talents. You’ll learn the art of navigating your energetic life, rediscover how your intuitive messages show up, what is and isn’t an intuitive message, how to offer the messages you receive to your clients, and much more.

The world is ready for your Intuitive Gifts.
Are you?

I work with Life & Creativity Coaches, Reiki/Light/Body Workers, Mediums & Intuitives, Teachers, Counselors, and others who are interested in developing their intuitive skills so they may provide their clients with clear and accurate information.

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