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I train practitioners of human-oriented professions in the Art of Intuition.

Your intuitive abilities are unique to you, but often they’re raw and maybe even a bit unmanageable.

You’ll get answers to your questions sometimes but these may be inconsistent or incomplete.
And sometimes you have no idea what’s going on…but you know that something is!!

To be an effective Intuitive Practitioner, it’s important to know
what your gifts are and how to use them.

So what is the magical formula for connecting with these groovy skills?

That’s what we go after in the Studio – how your intuition speaks to you.

Because there is only one formula – YOURS!

The Studio provides a safe place to explore, uncover, and develop your specific gifts into usable talents so you know exactly how to offer the messages you receive to your clients.

The world needs Your Intuitive Gifts!!

I welcome Life Coaches, Reiki Practitioners and Light Workers, Massage/Physical Therapists, Mediums & Intuitives, Counselors and others who are interested in developing their intuitive skills so they may provide their clients with clear and accurate information.

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There are two ways to do this:

“Energy Reading Program”
Classes range from developing your personal intuitive awareness and reading Energy Signatures
to becoming a teacher of the intuitive arts.

“Private Mentoring Sessions”
Focus directly on your particular intuitive skill and how to use it.

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I also offer Private Sessions for your personal issues.

Enjoy the site!

Always happy to answer your queries.


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